Nexon Sponsorship League

  • Prize pool $98,000
  • Start date Sep 28, 2013
  • End date Nov 9, 2013


Nexon Sponsorship League

Sep 28, 2013
Final Four - Playoffs
Quarter Finals - Playoffs
Group D - Group Stage
Group C - Group Stage
Group B - Group Stage
Group A - Group Stage

News & Features

FXOpen and StarTale to face each other next

Nexon Sponsorship League has reached the upper bracket final as the two first matches of the playoffs were played today. Both FXOpen and StarTale outplayed their opponents and will face each other next.

Dota 2 Tjernobylbarnet

Nexon Sponsorship League down to its final four

The end of the struggle between Startale and Eye of Tiger marks the end of the quarter finals of the Nexon Sponsorship League. FXOpen, MVP HOT6, Underated, and E'oT will now compete in a double elimination format to be crowned the champion of season one.

Dota 2 dragonccc

FXO and Season One Through to Sponsorship League Playoffs

Day five of the Nexon Sponsorship League has come to an end with both FXO and Season One securing their positions for the playoffs with both StarTale and Virutal Throne to battle it out for first place in Group D in the final days of the group stage matches. 

Dota 2 WicSic

MVP qualifies for Sponsorship League playoffs

Day four of Nexon Sponsorship League has come to an end with Virtual Throne inching close to their playoffs spot while FastGG lost both their games today. FastGG's losses has propelled MVP to qualify for the playoffs of NSL.

Dota 2 WicSic

Keeping up the dominance in Nexon

The tiers are starting to take shape as Underated, FXO and MVP all expand their lead with Underated already being the winner of Group C. All these teams displayed co-ordinated aggressive Dota.

Dota 2 Tjernobylbarnet
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