The Defense 4

  • Prize pool $25,000
  • Start date May 29, 2013
  • End date Jul 25, 2013

Prize pool - $25,000

1. $12,000 USD 3. $4,000 USD
2. $7,000 USD 4. $2,000 USD


Participating teams

  Natus Vincere   Kaipi
  Evil Geniuses   Team Liquid

Main event

Group stage
  • The 20 teams get divided into four groups of five.
  • Every team plays two games against each of the four opponents in its group.
  • B02 series
  • Tiebreaks are determined through Bo1 matches between the tied teams.
  • If tiebreaker matches leads to another tie the administration might announce an alternative tiebreaking format.
  • Status: Completed
  • Double-Elimination
  • B03 series
  • Grand Finals: Best of 5.
  • Status: Completed

Location: Online

Regional qualifiers

  • Playoffs:
    • Double-elimination bracket.
    • Top 1 lower bracket team qualify.
    • All matches are Bo31 + B03 series
    • Top 2 upper bracket teams qualify.


The Defense 4 - tiebreakers and playoffs

Jun 12, 2013
Playoffs - Playoffs
Group B - Tiebreakers
Group C - Tiebreakers
Group D - Tiebreakers
Group A - Tiebreakers
Group B - Rematches

The Defense 4 - extra qualifiers

May 28, 2013

The Defense 4

May 21, 2013
Group C - Groupstage
Group D - Groupstage
Group A - Groupstage
Group B - Groupstage
Qualifiers - Qualifiers

News & Features

Na`Vi's claims The Defense 4 title in style

Na`Vi's claims The Defense 4 title in style

After a four-game series in the grand final of The Defense 4, Natus Vincere came from one game down to take three straight wins in the grand final to claim the title of The Defense 4. Photo by Helena Kristiansson.

Dota 2 reinnnn
Four teams remain in The Defense playoffs

Four teams remain in The Defense playoffs

With a big victory against Alliance, Evil Geniuses throw the Swedes out of The Defense to join Na'Vi, Kaipi and Liquid in the race for the $25.000 prize pool. The playoffs continue with the Winners Bracket final on June 22nd, 18:00 CEST.

Dota 2 drouks
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