StarLadder StarSeries - Season 6

  • Prize pool US$22,500
  • Start date 19 May 2013
  • End date 8 Jul 2013

Prize pool - $22,500 USD

1. $12,000 USD 3. $3,000 USD
2. $6,000 USD 4. $1,500 USD


Participating teams

  Quantic Gaming   Kaipi
CIS iCCup CIS Virtus.pro
  Alliance CIS Natus Vincere
  4 Friends + Chrillee   mousesports

Main event

Group stage
  • Round Robin, one group with sixteen teams.
  • Series played in bo1 format.
  • Status: Completed
  • Top four teams from League
  • Double-elimination bo3.
  • Grand Final bo5
  • Status: Completed

Location: Kiev, Ukraine 


  • Double elimination
  • Best of 1 series
  • Best of 3 series in Winner's Finals and Loser's Finals


StarLadder StarSeries - Season 6

15 May 2013
Playoffs - Offline Playoffs
Season Play - Round Robin

News & Features

Alliance wins Star Series VI

Alliance secured their second consecutive Star Series win after they defeated iCCup in two games. Game one was a thrilling 50-minute show in which both teams pushed their skills to the limit. The second game was no less exciting but the Swedes managed to close it up a lot faster.

Dota 2 GosuGamers

Alliance makes miraculous comeback for Star Series grand final spot

Day 2 of the Star Series VI LAN finals has ended with a stunning game two between Alliance and Virtus.Pro in which the Swedes have shown some really impressive teamwork to end with a 2-0 score. Earlier today iCCup managed to eliminate Quantic from the playoffs, beating them with 2-0. 

Dota 2 GosuGamers

VP and Alliance claim victories in Star Series VI opener

The first day of StarLadder VI LAN Finals came to a conclusion with Virtus.Pro and Alliance pulling ahead. iCCup and Quantic put up some solid effort but were eventually overcome and will now have to fight their way through the Lower Bracket.

Dota 2 GosuGamers

StarLadder playoffs - July 4 to 7

After defeating 4FC in the tiebreaker, ICCup will join Virtus.Pro, Alliance, and Quantic in Kiev, Ukraine for the LAN finals in this sixth edition of Star Ladder's StarSeries.

Dota 2 GosuGamers

RoX.KIS boots Solo off team

Solo's ban will stay while Starladder organizers have lifted RoX.KIS' three years ban from tournaments. As a result, he has been booted off RoX.KIS and Sharfik will temporarily be filling in for the team.

Dota 2 GosuGamers

RoX.KIS states their Dota 2 squad is innocent

RoX.KIS defended Alexey 'Solo' Berezin after accusations of illegal betting came flying at their Dota 2 squad yesterday night. RoX.KIS urged Starladder to reconsider their decision and look further into the matter.

Dota 2 GosuGamers

RoX.KIS banned from StarLadder after illegal bet

RoX.KIS has been eliminated from StarLadder and severely punished, after Alexey 'Solo' Berezin made a bet with real money against his own team in their game against zRage, game which they probably lost on purpose.

Dota 2 drouks

Starladder Season VI Weekly Recap

Lots of action but quite unpredictable results characterized the latest StarLadder games. The contested top-four will be a hard challenge for all the StarSeries participants, with currently Virtus.Pro leading the tables, followed by Na'Vi, Mouz and Alliance.

Dota 2 drouks
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