Game nr 9

Sknoll @ 1st January 1970 00:00 (Read 1,704 times).
VICTORY -> 5-3 1415(+75)
MAP: ANDROMEDA (first time I actually play this map)
OPPONENT Zerg 81 (mine 79 (slacked down a major bit late game after he lost he's main. (I shall never ever do this, but still I do it :/))
mid long game where he does lurkers in great numbes and early expansions. bunk + tank with scan takes the first 2 lurker + ling waves and after that my metal crushes he's lurker army without much trubble.
This game was mine totaly after the first lurkers. he had 2 more exp then me still i made the most minerals so he's drone count was low and metal > lurkers. And I must ad that I think I clearly was the better player.

Never slack off even thou you have the advantage.
Accademy + Turrets should be included earlier.
BETTER SCOUTING (I did majorly screw this point this game.)