Past, present, future.

twista @ 11th December 2012 19:58 (Read 13,579 times).
The past seems to haunt me more then ever, specially since the incident with mouz. I'm not sure where to start really, i just got back into DotA again since i love the game so much but i cant seem to be able to play a game without having someone ingame asking me if i am the "twiSta which tried to ruin mousesports chances to TI2" and not only ingame but also on my stream since i started streaming. It gets kinda tiresome to be marked like that when its far from the truth.

So here i am and i will try to be as objective towards the entire issue without butthurting to many fanboys of who ever and try to clear things out as good as i can. It all started with me talking to Paisy (the manager of mouz) about a possible comeback to mouz and rebuilding a team, they had just removed DeMeNt, Trixi and Rexi. After a good while of chatting on skype and ingame of what i wanted to do and what they wanted we came to an agreement, and at that time it was only me Sing and Bamboe. So i started looking for new recruits and at that time i was talking alot with Georg (Fire) about possibly being in the same team as we both got along very well, so he was my first option to get in and which i did. Now the real problem was to find that big carry player to finalize the team and get going with practice and hard work to try and compete with the best, i had talked some with Kuro in the past and i knew how his situation was but i decided to ask him anyways and he agreed to play and see how things go. I then presented the lineup to mouz and they were very happy about it all. We started practicing and even ended up wining the 2GD tournament, things were looking very good for us or so i thought. We were at the point where negotations were in talks with mouz about conditions and salaries, we had a small problem and that was that mouz at first wasnt willing to agree on Kuro's conditions about salaries. I myself wanted this team so bad to do well and to compete at the top and possibly even going to TI, that i aproached the CEO behind everyone back and told him "Take my salary away and give it to them just so we can get this going and we can start practicing, i dont really need it as much as they do cause they are students and they have no other income.". But little did i know that while i was rebuilding the team and negotiating, some certain people(staff) from mouz was trying to poach other players/teams into mouz, i could name those players/teams but id rather not and im sure they know who they are so if they wanted to come out forward with it they will. I felt somewhat betrayed cause i had worked alot for the best of mouz and what they stand for, but i kept going cause there was nothing i could do since some were still contracted to mouz. After alot of talking with Sing and everyone else in the team we decided to keep going, and finally we came to an agreement after a few days of talking. The time had come to sign the contracts with mouz and finally be able to focus on the game and not worry to much about the other stuff, few hours before we were gonna officially announce the lineup Kuro talked to me and told me that he wanted to go with the offer Virtus.Pro gave him and so he did.

More problems arised. How do i explain this to mouz? What do i tell them now after such a long negotation and talks? I told them straight forward what had actually happened and what was going on and i told them i will work hard to find our final player and they said they were fine with it. Couple hours later one of the staff from mouz msgs me on skype and tells me. "Visar we have to talk about the conditions and salaries once more, cause now that Kuroky is gone its not the same team and therefor we cant go with the same conditions and salaries." So we had a talk and i asked what the real problem was and then i got told "Well we dont wanna pay this much for you guys but what we can offer is 150 euro a month, cause we can already keep Sing for that much even if he dosnt want too." I literaly snapped and was filled with anger and rage, not only did they try to fuck us over while i was rebuilding the team to try and poach other players and teams but now they wanted to fuck the other 3 players over and give them the lowest salary ever, i wasnt getting anything anyways cause i decided to give my wage to sing/bamboe/fire. Mouz was actually willing to pay Kuro a sum btw 500-1000 euro, i wont say the exact sum but you can have a wild guess. Now tell me how is it fair to pay the rest of the team 150 euro? Specially Sing who had brought so much exposure and fans to mouz? I was arguin with this person for about 2 hours back and forth and we finally came to an agreement, but they didnt wanna sign us yet and wanted to wait and that was fine with me cause i needed a 5th player anyways. While i was looking for our 5th, some certain person told me that they had been aproached by mouz about making a new team, so infact they didnt wanna sign us to see if they could get someone else. I know all of you are probably wondering why didnt you guys just fuck over mouz and leave? Well we couldnt cause as i said some of us were still contracted to them and at that time there werent that many organisations to look for and specially who could afford to buy us out.
I kept on going and finally found Black^ to be our 5th and we started practicing and try to get things going. At that time i was also talking alot with IceFrog and tried to explain it to him of what had been going on so we would still have a chance at possibly getting invited to TI or even get into some qualifiers. I asked Ice of our chances and what not, and he told me "We will need you from this date to this date, and you can tell ur team mates that." I couldnt believe what i just saw, we still had a good shot at getting there with hard work. First thing i did was to copypaste my conversation to my team mates and our hopes just got so much higher. We started practicing and as any other fresh team, there will be problems and issues to sort out such as role distribution/chemistry and what not. One day we were practicing and Fire got into some arguments with Sing/Bamboe, the mood was not good and people were arguing alot. It came to the point where i was talking with Sing and he was telling me how he dosnt have the will to continue anymore with this and that he wants to quit competetively. I asked him what he wanted to change and what does he want to do, his answer was that he just didnt wanna keep on going with this lineup as he saw no future in it. I asked him straight up what does he want to change and he told me Fire. I really didnt want to change anything after all my conversations with Ice and risk our chances for TI. I ended up also talking with Toby about all of this and what his thoughts were, we had an hour long chatt about all of it. In the end it was a decision that i had to make, i already knew that neither of my other teammates wanted any changes or see anyone go, but i still talked with every single one to see what they wanted. I came to the conclusion that we couldnt really keep on going like this when people dont get along and dont wanna play with eachother and i didnt really want Sing to quit either. We had gone through alot together, from the early days of the beta where we used to sit and pub for 2 days straight without sleeping to playing together in a team for so long. I had to make a tough decision and i made it, the time had come to tell Fire the bad news. We had agreed we would all talk to him and do it together, but there i was all alone on TeamSpeak and there was no one else there but me and him. I told him the bad news and it wasnt pleasant at all, cause he was a friend aswell and i explained him everything. A little later they came on TS and asked if it was overwith, i was pissed that they left me all alone to do this and i told them straight up.
How do i explain this to the community and Ice? I decided to make a short statement about all of it, and i even wrote a really fucking long email to Ice and explained him everything. He told me that we had equal chances as any other team and we should keep working hard and try to keep this team, as we were still the core of Mouz(me, sing and bamboe). I had talked alot with Theeban (1437) and i really liked him as a person and player and i really wanted him in the team. I talked to the guys and mouz and it was a bit hard to get mouz into agreeing on bringin a Canadian player into a full europeian lineup, specially when it comes to euro lans and tournaments but i did it in the end with some compromises.

One day CWM aproached me and told me that Darer wouldnt be working out for him and he would be leaving. He asked to join and to make room for him by removing Black^. I did not want this, not because i dislike CWM as a person/player but because i am very loyal to my team/teammates and this is not how i am and work. The next day i had to work late and we had an official vs navi at around 19.00-20.00 GMT, i cant remember exactly as its been a while and i told my team that i would maybe be 5-10 mins late. But i had finally made it in time, i loged on and i see that they had already started the game. None of them were responding on skype/steam, so i turned on the stream and who do i see there standing in? I dont blame CWM for wanting to compete and wanting a team to play with. I was mad and upset but there wasnt much to do about it, so i waited for them to get done and see whats going on. During midgame there was a pause and Theeban responded to me with "We didnt know if you were gonna make it in time, so we asked CWM to standin and since he had ditched his GF's birthday for this game we couldnt really tell him to fuck off." And i was like oh thats completely fine. Game was done and i wanted to talk to them about it, but no one was responding or saying anything. The next day 1437 called me on skype and explained everything to me, they wanted to go with a 6man lineup where he also said that me and theeban would switch back and forth on games. This was nothing that i wanted to be a part off and i felt betrayed. I was pissed off and really mad at Bamboe and Sing for not maning up and talking to me but letting Theeban do it. They offered me to stay in the team as a player, i didnt accept it at all, they then offered me to stay in the team as a manager/coach and i didnt wanna be a part of that either. In the end they released a statement without me agreeing to it that we would go with 6man lineup and my name was in it when i didnt really agree to it. I asked them to revoke the statement and release one where i am actually leaving the team, but they didnt want too (mouz) that is, because then their chances of a TI invite after so many changes in such short notice and after me talking for so long to Ice to keep our shot at it was gonna be gone. But why should i agree to this for mouz? Why should i be taken advantage off when i had done so much for them? I asked them again to make a statement that i would be leaving, and they still didnt do it. So i released a statement myself where i explained half the story and that i would be leaving. Since then ive been the bad guy whos been trying to ruin Mouz and Sing and now it was enough for me since i decided to come back and this still kept haunting me, this is the sole reason to why im posting this. There are logs of all of this which i wont post unless its really needed.

The present!

I am back and i have learned alot from my experience with all of this, and i believe its only made me stronger, not just as a person but also as a player. Most of you think that i wanted to create drama, sadly i never wanted to creata drama. I asked mouz nicely to post a statement that i would be leaving on my own without anything else and they didnt want too and in return they were the ones who created all of this drama. I hope they have the balls to come out and comment on all of this.

I might not have that many fans out there, but of those that i do. I want to thank you for supporting me and believing in me since all of this started and for encouraging me to come back.

As for the future, i will try to make a comeback into competetive, and that i will only achieve with hard work and dedication. Those two sides are my strongest so that wont be a problem as long as i get a shot to prove it.

Peace out!