Money deceives all

xie @ 11th June 2012 20:25 (Read 13,343 times).
The moment I heard the name of Timothy Bradley declared as the winner, the very first thing that went in my mind is money. Because of money, but wait.. Its not the money, its the user of that money. I do not believe in the saying " Money is the root of all evil." I do believe that the person who use that money is actually can root an evil doing. I truly believe that Bob Arum is the master mind of that decision. He speculate that Pacquiao would retire after that fight (if he wins). Manny played a big part why Arum have that kind of position in his life. If Pacquiao retired, where else could he earn such that kind of money?? Poor Bradley.. Any relation in professional gaming? want to here your voice. :) Have a good day!