turik @ 31st May 2012 23:54 (Read 10,402 times).
So we have our very own GosuLeague Division 1 Season 1 finished. I dont think I cant speak about it objectively but I'll try to.
We had 8 teams and only 1500$ prizepool. Not big, compared to other giants like TPL and StarLadder. All games were streamed by Purge, Sheever and, maybe WhatIsHip (or he joined us after season 1 finished, don't remember). We tried to handle a league without postpones, but nevertheless 2 games were postponed. But despite this fact, all games were played in scheduled time.
So I'm proud to say that first season was carried out fine. It has some weak points, like small prizepool, but it wasn't important for viewers. Also next season will have bigger prizepool and, I hope, such as good coverage as previous.

You can find episodes 1 and 2 in my blogs. In next episode I'm going to review the league which will end faster. I don't think I will review StarLadder Season 2, so wait till TPL or PD2 finishes. Stay tuned.