Dotalicious - Aussie

Mahlay @ 14th May 2012 12:18 (Read 10,712 times).
Hello Community,

i have something i want players to know. It is about the administrator of I played there a long time and deleted my account out of free will. Why you may ask? Because i wanted to quit dota. I guess every long-time player knows about that.

Some months after now, old friends convinced me to play with them again occasionally. They prefer Dotalicious, so I asked politely if it is possible to get my account back. This is the result:,13559.0.html

14.05.2012 - 02:31:09 am
"That is the most retarded and stupid fucking thing i have ever heard.
the level of idiocy that this implies is enough to melt my brain at a cellular level. The no holds barred dumbfuck fucking thought process that achieved this realization and called it a suggestion empirically proves Darwin's theory of evolution is wrong and creationism is true. You personally though were made out of spare parts leftover from Britney Spears.

Or you re just trolling me.

I honestly had enough... Explain wtf you mean by this because if it is what i think then you need to be taken out round the back of a shed and be put down with a shotgun Lassie style..."

I know dlg is the property of Aussie and I have no right to play there, but the way he treats the DLG community is really sad. And I want you guys to know that. It is not only me.