Stay and fight!

Maelk @ 8th December 2011 20:26 (Read 22,186 times).
Over the past few weeks the beta has opened up its doors to a massive amount of players, and with that a lot of different gaming-backgrounds. A lot of these players obviously played DotA, some HoN and a lot of others League of Legends.

With the huge influx of people playing, there's also a lot of different thoughts on how to develope the game and input on how to improve it. Various forums has been flooded with opinions on what is wrong and what should change. One of these hot topics has been the ability to forfeit games. For those not in the beta, it's currently not possible to forfeit (concede) thus people needs to wait for the throne or world tree to be destroyed.

From what I understand, it's generally HoN and LoL-players alike who seems to gather under the banner of having the option to give up ahead of time while those against being able to throw in the towel are mostly DotA-players or people who's fed up with the pessimistic attitude it brings with it to be able to forfeit a match.

I personally hope that they, Valve, will completely disregard these 'realists', as they seem to consider themselves, and simply not support this defeatist approach to the game. There's nothing pragmatic about not wanting to fight until the fat lady sings (in this case, the tree or throne falling). If all five players in a team keeps on believing there's just the slightest chance of winning, however minuscule the odds might be, then the chance will automatically increase simply because people are trying to win.

I've played a bit above a 100 matchmaking games in the beta thus far, and let me tell you, none of those games where my allies had given up was over. But the games did get a lot harder once they did. Especially the games where they simply went AFK.

If Valve does decide to maintain the inability to forfeit, and people gets used to it, I foresee and pray that the quality of the games and players will automatically increase simply because the people who usually tends to give up fast and just forfeits the game now have to finish the game in its entirety.

By knowing from the start that you'll have to play the whole match it brings with it several positive aspects:

Most players will try harder from the get-go and are less inclined to flame and piss off their allies. They will strive to win, because losing sucks, and try to get the teamwork up and running.

Players will want to improve: Suddenly being faced with the consequence of having to endure every painful minute of a loss, most will want to make sure it doesn't happen again. For them to prevent this, they'll need to be the best that they can be and in future games do what's best for their team for this to happen.

Hopefully it will help people lay aside their ego and instead use their head. No more lineups of 5 melee heroes, no more people automatically assuming that they can pick Dwarven Sniper or Drow Ranger and not get ganked. Someone will take upon themselves the task of at least buying a chicken and maybe even playing the support role. And when they do, find out it isn't all that bad to play to begin with.

If Valve is serious about punishing leavers, keeps a functioning report-system and figures out how to deal with people going AFK, then this will definitely improve the quality of games on all levels. From the lowest skilled public games, to midlevel inhouse-games all the way to the very top of matchmaking.

Naturally there's negative aspects to this as well, if people really wants to find them, but all in all I think this can help forge a much better community and a stronger playerbase.

If giving up, it should only hurt yourself, not your allies nor your opponents for that matter. It was never meant to work as a timesaver. It's a cowards way out and should be treated as such.