Limp of Alliance playing at DreamHack

Alliance secure a top three finish in the Western EU DPC League; Hellbear Smashers relegated

With their 2-1 win over Tundra Esports, Alliance are now assured a top three finish in the Western EU DPC League and a place at the second DPC Major.
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brown and red cup with Pinnacle Cup logo in white and orange

Seven teams are tied after three rounds of group stage matches at Pinnacle Cup

The battle for a playoff spot at the $100,000 Pinnacle Cup shapes up to be pretty tense.
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Arteezy at TI

Tight races; DPC 2021 Season 2 week 5

The DPC 2021 Season 2 heads into the fifth week and there are quite a few tight races still on the board.
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Team Spirit players discussing a Dota 2 game

Team Spirit and remain undefeated in Eastern Europe DPC

In the previous DPC season, Team Spirit finished fourth in their region after losing a tiebreaker match with AS Monaco Gambit.
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Team Liquid players hugging their coach at DreamLeague

Europe DPC league takes a wild turn: Liquid tied for first place, Secret tied for relegation

The intermediate results in Europe DPC league, upper division at the end of the fourth week are far from what most fans would have pictured.
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Broodmother Dota 2

Broodmother; A mother's love

On this Mother's day, we take a glimpse into Broodmother's tale of motherly love and revenge.
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Wadid and mom at Worlds

Esports Moms; The real champions

Our favorite players might not be if it weren't for the moms behind them. Today, we pay tribute and honor the real champions of esports. Moms.
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Dota 2 heroes Io and Gyro in the Dire fountain at Pinnacle Cup

Pinnacle Cup delivers top notch plays and a hilarious mistake in the first round of matches

Upsets, breathtaking team fights and a huge misplay, all happened in the debut series at Pinnacle Cup.
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Dota 2 player Aui in CRAZY t-shirt

Interview with Aui_2000: "I've been having fun with casting"

An interview with Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling where we spoke about casting, coaching, the new meta evolving around 7.29 and the current DPC system.
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Mushi out of Team SMG

Team SMG has a roster change mid-way through DPC 2021 Season 2 and it involves parting ways with starting member Chai "Mushi" Yee Fung.
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