Note: Failure to read and understand these rules in no way, shape or form excuses a team from breaking them. If you do not understand these rules, you may ask an admin for help. These rules are final. Any updates in these rules will be announced by GosuGamers at least 24 hours before being enforced.

1. General Information
Version: 1.26
Map: DotA ver. 6.72f
Tournament Type: Single Elimination BO1 (Final is BO3)
Match Winner: The team who gets to 5 kills, or destroys 2 towers first.
Suicides does not count as a kill.
Denying of heroes counts as a kill.
Kills by neutrals count as a kill.
Kills by scourge/sentinel count as a kill.
Denying of towers counts as destroyed.
Destroying of towers by neutrals counts as destroyed.
Destroying of towers by scourge/sentinel counts as destroyed.

Platform: RGC
Drafting Mode: Mirror Matchup Only Mid No Powerups (-MMOMNP typed in game)
Remember to have all individuals type "-random" after the mode has been enabled.
Slots: All vacant slots have to be filled with computers (RGC command: !comp [slotnumber])

2. General Rules
2.1. Teams/Players
a) A team consists of 2 players.

b) Using a standin in a game is only allowed if there is no other possibility to play the match. When using a stand-in:
- the opponent team has to agree.
- the cup admins have to be notified.
- the standin has to play with his nickname. Fake-nicking is forbidden.

A team, that plays with a non-registered or non-approved player will recieve a default loss for every game in which that player participated. The player will furthermore get banned from the tournament.

2.2. Behavior
Participating teams and players must always have good manners and respect other players and the Admin staff/organization. A team and/or player may receive a warning, default loss or disqualification if one of his players commits any of the following:
o refuses to follow tournament official rules
o uses insulting language
o makes fun of the opponent players or the admin staff
o shows an unsporting behaviour
o tries to scam admins

In any of the above cases, if admins are not present, the game has to be played till the end and the replay/screens be sent to the admins for investigation. For reports contact an admin and hand over possible indications.

2.3. Observers
Only the following observers are allowed:
- Admins and officially allowed members (by admin staff). Letting admins observe on request is mandatory. The penalty for not letting an admin join a game is Game Loss or Disqualification.

2.4. Penalties
Player Warning: After a warning is given, the game goes on. If a player accumulates 2 warnings during a tournament, he will be banned from playing the next game. If the player receives his 3rd warning, he gets permanently banned from the tournament.

Team Warning: If a team breaks one of the minor rules or several of its players are warned during a game, then the team receives a warning. If the team collects two warnings, then their last game where they broke the rules will be resulted as a Loss for them no matter what the ingame result was. Upon receiving the third warning, the team gets disqualified from the tournament.

Game Loss: Game loss given to a team means that the team loses the current game no matter what the result of that game is. A win would be awarded to the opponent instead.

Disqualifications: A disqualified team will be ejected from the tournament. They will not be able to further continue the current event. None of their players on the roster are allowed to join any other teams during the tournament. Using any of these players as ringers will result with the disqualification of the team using them.

Bans: A banned player is no longer able to play any of the tournament’s games. Dodging the player's suspension by fake/multi-accounting will result in the disqualification of the team. Banned players' IPs will be watched by the admins.

2.5. Disconnects
Teams are persuaded to save their games frequently during a match in order to compensate for disconnections (every 5th - 10th minutes). Both teams have the right to request a save after big team collisions and when at least one building was destroyed.

The game shall be saved after players get heroes to be able to load it if any problems happened.

Disconnect before the first hero has been killed:
match load from the first save.

Disconnect after the first hero has been killed:
If a save game has been made within the last 10 minutes, then consult the rule below. If not then the game continues without the disconnected player.
If the game was saved less than 10 minutes before the disconnection of a player, then the game has to be reloaded unless:
The team losing their player wants to continue without a reload
The other team destroyed at least one rax and they wish to continue.

If neither team is in advantage then an admin should be consulted, unless teams can agree to a decision by themselves.

If a disconnected player is not able to be present within 15 minutes, games should be continued without him.
If the same player disconnects more than 2 times, then the opposing team may chose to continue the match without him (the opposite team is allowed to continue without the disconnected player starting from the 3rd disconnection).

It is allowed to use a disconnected hero, but it is not allowed to give his items to other players. The items may either stay on the disconnected hero, or be sold so the money is dispersed among the remaining players. Consumables are allowed to be used up.

Whenever a problem that you can't decide about arises, contact one of the administrators. In case of a dispute without reasonable proof, the game has to be replayed.

3. Gameplay Rules
- Backdooring is allowed
- Sharing of items is allowed as long as the game permits. It is not allowed to suicide to pass Rapier.
- There are no item restrictions

Abuses & Exploitation:
Hero Trapping (Warning or Game Loss): Intentionally trapping enemies into trees or holes is not allowed.
Pause/Resume Abuse (Warning or Game Loss):

You may pause at the beginning of the game for tunneling the host and to wait everyone to arrive (maximum of 3 minutes). If the 3 minutes passed, then you must resume.
From this point on, pausing without any valid reason is disallowed. Resuming the game without the other team confirming that they are ready is not allowed either. Teams that are constantly pausing or resuming to ruin the game will receive a game loss. If someone pauses the game without a valid reason, he will receive a warning.
Creep Blocking (Warning or Game Loss):

Creep blocking permanently is not allowed but creep slowing/delaying or luring is allowed. It is not allowed to block creeps with the help of spells, such as fissure, sprout etc. it is only allowed to use the hero model to intercept with creeps (accidental blocks are okay, as long as the fissure - for example - was directed at an opposing hero).

Bugs Exploitation (Warning, Game Loss or Disqualification):

No Exploitation of any known old or new bug discovered during game play. No excuses will be entertained. Ignorance is not an excuse. Participants/Teams are expected to know what these bugs are. Participants who experience any abnormal game play are advised to inform the admins immediately

Definition of bugs:
Anything abnormal which will give a player/team an unfair advantage.
Anything which will cause interruption/fatal error to the game.
Cheating (Disqualification):

Any kind of cheat is strictly prohibited. Warkeys/Dotakeys are allowed.
** The game has to be played till the end in any situations and the replay/screens be sent to the admins for investigation.
*** If the game did not crash, then the game has to be played until the end and the replay be sent to the admins for investigation.

4. 2v2 Dota Cup Administrators
sabmud, PowerXL, random.org, Killerlegend, Sylencia, Violen, Krock.
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