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Tropang Potchie vs Wrath of Olympos
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  • Petro "Rossoneri" ,
    new gosugamers so bad. PLS DO SOMETHING!!!
  • "DELETED-USER-1605848658" ,
    yes agreed, new changes are not good at all :|
  • marven "marvendorig" dorig ,
    I cant see the line-ups being used by the two teams. Anybody knows?
  • adnan "adnanunique" nugroho ,
    agreed. I am so confuse about this upgrade. I can download easily on old gosu. But now, i can't right-clicking the mouse to open link in new tab :( I have to click manually one by one.
  • marcus "iammarcus" suggom ,
    where to complain this? this is downgrade man..
  • sang "Karbon_Dioxide" sapurba ,
    i hate this
  • sang "Karbon_Dioxide" sapurba ,
    how to download this......
  • marven "marvendorig" dorig ,
    yeah. before you can see the hero being used by both teams even without watching it. If I saw rare heroes used I easily download it. Now I have to download it first and watched it if I want to see the heroes being used. Hope they can make an action in terms of this.
  • allen "diebound" pagay ,
    why i cant download the 1st game of WOO vs TP ? Can someone help me ?
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