EHOME releases GK and Snoy

DotA Hakim “Toma” Razak

GK and Snoy will be leaving EHOME DotA team due to real life problems.

Today, the DotA drama continue when EHOME, the Chinese DotA powerhouse, announced that they will be releasing two of their current players, GK and Snoy. It seems that GK has retired from the competitive DotA scene due to his studies, while Snoy is facing some family issues as well as problems with his studies. Their futures remain unclear either they will be able to return to the competitive DotA scene or not.

Recently, EHOME made a comeback to the competitive DotA scene by entertaining their fans with interesting matches against 7L in the G-League final.

In the team, Snoy often played as the carry role while GK will fulfill the role of a ganker. Unable to play a lot in online tournaments due to the connection problems, these names are not very popular but yet they still have a huge group of fans in the DotA scene especially in Asia.

Now, the EHOME roster is as follows:

China DCChina 820China 357ChinaChina huluwa

GosuGamers wishes GK and Snoy all the best in their futures and the team EHOME as well.

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