Mousesports adds Puppey!

Posted by Robert "Reagen" at 24 November 2008 20:40
Mousesports had some major problems lately. They lost three members in three weeks resulting in mouz only having four members left. Many wondered if mouz would even remain intact as a team. But there was light in the dark, mouz managed to recruit KS.Puppey for the dreamhack lineup to balance the loss of Drayich, CAT and Away.

Maybe some of you have already thought what is now official: Puppey is leaving his team permanently and joining mousesports. How the leader Jolie is reacting towards this decision is yet unknown.

I managed to catch both Puppey and the mouz leader Twisted and decided to ask them some questions.


How do you feel when with this new recruit?

The team likes him, I heard hes a smoker though so Im a bit worried I will start with old bad habits again this dreamhack.

How did you find Puppey, did you have him in mind all the time?

We met at a shabby bar in sthlm not knowing each other played dota. One drink became 10 and we started bragging.

Do you think Puppey can implement something new in mouz.dota?

Well he can scare the shit out of Levent with his Estonian-connections, thats for sure. He's also an outstanding picker and player, a 7 on the twisted-scale.

After three members left the squad, do you see this as a nice opportunity to form mouz to a even better and stronger team?

ReageN let me tell ya, with puppey we gonna fking stomp the shit out of mym!


Why did you leave and became a member of mouz

Well, for one thing, I love the smell of Twisted's mother, but that is not the reason why I joined. To be honest I was through with Gunz's mother so it can be said that it is one of the reasons, but mostly I left cause is not as active as it used to be. Mouz was my next choise of a team to join.

Do you think mouz will reach even higher with you in the lineup?

We ain't going to reach anything, because we're going to take everything.

Mousesports new roster:

SwedenMouz|Twisted (Leader)


Swedenmouz|ReageN (manager)
Canadamouz|Desrow (manager)


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