Kingsurf to win Farm4Fame III

DotA Christoph “m3w” S.

Yesterday the Malaysian DotA team of "Kingsurf" (Ks) was able to overcome the Danish guys from "Mom equals toilet" (Met) in 3 action packed games.

As Met player "AngeL" stated in his Pre-Match Interview the host problem seemed to play a big role in these finals.
Unluckly there was no suitable, neutral host available although they were searching one for about 1h. So they decided that every team should get a game on their own host what caused huge troubles.

Every team was able to decide the game on their own host for themselves.
The winner had to be determined in a third game where an admin decision
forced both teams to play on a host although this fact favoured only 1 team.

Malaysia Kingsurf won the third game and can call themselves Champion of the Farm 4 Fame Tournament III

Although the teams showed awesome dota on the new map 6.56, all the flaming throughout the 3 games will still give a bitter smack to these finals.

Maybe someone should rename the tournament into Flame4Fame.

Replay - Game two
Replay - Game three