Zenith crowned ESWC DotA champions!

Posted by Calum "The_Ganksta" Gittins at 28 August 2008 03:56
So, after a long and arduous journey, the boys from Singapore have taken down the prestigious title of the first ever ESWC DotA Champions! Not to mention the tidy sum of $13,000.

The final against KingSurf was a fantastic game, Yamateh's Nerubian Weaver and Xiaogui's Terrorblade causing havoc among the Zenith team, however Bouncy's Luna proved her worth, and a very nice 5x Ancient creep pull allowed her to farm up fast enough to carry the team to victory!

Be sure to download the replay (link below) and watch this awesome final.

I caught up with Zenith shortly after their win and asked them a few questions:

GG: Hey guys, congratulations! How does it feel to be the first ever ESWC DotA Champions?

Zenith: It definitely feels good.

GG: Were you happy that the final was against your buddies KingSurf? It seems that a lot of people underestimated both teams.

Zenith: We were just proud to show the world what Asian DotA is capable of.

GG: Is there anything you think could be improved for next years ESWC?

Zenith: There should be more slots for more teams. They should also fix the visa problems which denied lots of teams the chance to go.

GG: Ok, last one, what are your favourite heros?

ToFu: PotM
Bouncy: Clockwerk Goblin
hyhy: Shadow Fiend
Kirai: QoP
DK-Mag3: Tiny

GG: Thanks guys! All the best for the future!

Look out for more interviews along with photos over the next day or two!

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