Max Mosku

Posted by Ragnar "Entropy" Birko at 24 July 2005 19:12

Moko, also known as Max Mosku made many Broodwar comic-style fan art that never reached the main Broodwar fan base. This obscure radical Broodwar artist will be the theme of this week's featured images.

His name is Arango López and he is form Medellín, Colombia. His main artistic name is Max Mosku. He signs his Broodwar work as Colombia Moko, and most of this work occured while he was a member of the Colombian, but not exclusively, based clan Horda Yonqui.

A lot of his work is on the radical end and it often involves social and political themes. Some know him as "Mokov" due to his early political affiliations. Like most of other Starcraft gamers out there in the world, he has moved on in life and now works as a graphic designer; but Starcraft still holds a place in his heart.

You can check his profile, curriculum vitae and main graphic design site at, mind you some will get redirected to pron sites. The Horda Yonqui clan offers a gallery were » Moko has most of his Broodwar work. You need to click the left hand side "dibujillos" and chose "yonqui art". If you can not find it, worry not; I will be posting it throught the next two weeks.

Cerveza & Moko


Burn it up!


I want to thank Peru Amauta who was the first one to introduce me to la Horda Yonqui and Moko's work. Thanks for keepin-it-real. I spoke to Moko briefly to get permission to publish his work and hopefully we will have an interview of this interesting Broodwar gamer in the near future. The reach that Starcraft has had across the world is amazing, it has even found its way deep into the renegade conclaves of Medellin, Colombia.

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