Mineski features iZONE's Paul

Posted by Ren "Ren" Vitug at 06 March 2013 16:00

Mineski has started a new project called GMPGL DotA Player Profiles, and the first one up is iZONE.GIGABYTE's Paul. Mineski has started this project with an aim of featuring under-appreciated players. The first player to be featured is the solo-lane go-to-guy of iZONE.GIGABYTE, John Paulo "Paul" Cuison. His team, of course, had just won back-to-back on GMPGL DotA. Here is an excerpt from the player profile / interview:

What were your thoughts when you were given the moniker of "MagnaPaul" and “Queen Of Paul” after your second consecutive championship wins for this season's GMPGL? -"Of course I feel very proud and humbled for giving me those monikers for GMPGL 5-1 and 5-2. Especially with my Magnus, because it was during 5-1 when they’ve discovered my ability of catching 5 with the RP (Reverse Polarity). [Laughs]" ... And indeed your skills in using Magnus became part of Bloody Massacre’s Top 10 Plays for 5-1. Now on to the serious part of the interview, does your team and team management have plans of shifting to DotA2? -"The team and the management already held meetings before with regards to it, and we might shift to DotA2 eventually. But for now, our team is still focused on playing competitive Wc3 DotA tournaments and hopefully we can succeed. We have plans... Our team already started DotA 2 practices as of now. Just wait guys! [Smiles]"


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