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Posted by Ren "Ren" Vitug at 02 March 2013 09:06

The Gigabyte Mineski Pro-Gaming League (GMPGL) resumed with the second leg of their fifth gaming season, sporting the relatively old but still locally famous WC3's Defense of the Ancients. Joining the top six teams from last month were the branch championship standouts in Hailey's Grounds and Sydney. This is HG's second shot at Class S, where they placed a joint 7th-8th on their first attempt. The group stage was a toss-up, with no team deeming to be unbeatable. All teams dropped at least a game, but the veterans eventually wound up on top. iZONE.GIGABYE and Pacific.Badburn (previously known as Pacific.eMaxx) topped Group A, while Pacific.Revitalize (previously known as Pacific.Palit) and Noypi Willgates conquered Group B. iZONE and Noypi prevented any of the Pacific teams from heading into the WB Finals, with each team beating their respective opponent. Noypi wasn't able to subdue iZONE though, as the latter advances into the Grand Finals with a twice-to-beat advantage. Revitalize advanced into the LB Finals by defeating Badburn, and the former made use of the momentum to also win against Noypi. This set up a finals match between Pacific.Revitalize and iZONE. The mid-lane battle was a fresh sight, where Revitalize's Shadow Demon faced iZONE's Silencer. In the end though, iZONE did not find the need to use their twice-to-beat advantage as they won against their opponent on an impressive fashion. It can be noted that the team did not play with their charismatic carry, Jhoven, on this tournament. Instead, they played with Henry, a stand-in. With the win, iZONE.GIGABYTE claims their second GMPGL title in a row and maintains their dominance on the Philippine DotA scene this 2013.

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Hailey's Grounds wasn't demoted this month around, and instead defeated Ledion.Rae on their consolation match. Sydney was also moved back to Class B, where they where from just two weeks prior.

Class S - Seeded Teams
Philippines iZONE.GIGABYTE Philippines Pacific Revitalize
Philippines Noypi Philippines Pacific.BadBurn
Philippines Hailey's Grounds Philippines MI.CDO
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