Dreamz Ledion SteelSeries: Living the Dream

Posted by Hamodi ".mOwdi." Aboukowik at 28 September 2012 18:03

Dreamz Ledion SteelSeries is ranked among the best PH teams today. After completing the missing pieces on their team they are making their presence felt at every tournament they join.

Dreamz has suddenly shifted their gear since the acquisition of former Mineski player Julius 'Julz' Deleon, one of PH's best farmers. As if they weren't strong enough with the roster at hand, they did not stop there, they kept on improving as they acquired former MSIEvo GT Patrick 'JyC' Pascua, one of PH's best support and Earthshaker players.

Let's take a look at what they've achieved so far.

Gigabyte Mineski Pro-Gaming League 4-6 Champions

The "Dreamz" have come true. This marks their first championship title with their current roster. They faced iZone Gigabyte in the finals that had a twice to beat advantage being the winner of winner's bracket. However, Dreamz used their winning momentum from the loser's bracket and managed to beat iZone Gigabyte twice, and went on to be crowned as champions of GMPGL 4-6. They seem to have found the missing piece for the team, in the form of Mr. Patrick 'JyC' Pascua, MSI Evo GT's former support/ganker. After his acquisition the roster has became as solid as ever, hence, leading the team to the championship.

Mineski Infinity Opening Tournament BenQ WC3 Champions

Being the reigning GMPGL champions, Dreamz Ledion SS have displayed their superiority once again as they emerged on top of the brackets, not losing a single game in the single-elimination tournament on their way to the title. In the grand finals they defeated Pacific Palit,another PH powerhouse,to continue on with the winning streak.

Gigabyte Mineski Pro-Gaming League 4-7 Champions

That GMPGL leg has proved to us all that even weather cannot stop Owey, Yosh, JyC, Julz and LA from reaching their dreams of becoming one of those elites who have won back to back titles. They faced MSI Evo GT in the finals but it was interrupted due to the black out caused by the typhoon,and then they decided to change places and battle it out to determine who will be crowned as the champs. Dreamz defeated MSI Evo GT which means they are now part of the list of back to back champs in the history of GMPGL.

An interview with the manager of Dreamz, Mr. Justin 'BigDogj' Alm:

When did Dreamz start and how did it all happen?
- Dreamz started back in 2010. I opened a small computer shop so i can play MU with no lag . It was supposed to be only for me and my friends. Then 1 day Owey and his brothers came by the shop and asked if they can play Dota. They started coming daily and other teams came by and wanted to play against them and that's when i got hooked. (smiles)

How and when was your current roster formed?
-My team started with Owey, Yoshi ,LA,Yani ,Akide. This is the 5 that formed the core group. Luckily even though we only started to join tournaments we always placed at least in the top 5 and last July we won our first MPGL championship and did well the rest of the year. Then personal issues came up with Yani and Akide so i was forced to change my line up. To make it short we were trying to get the magic back with a couple of other players and we were consistent with Gio and Maxwell. When i found out that Julz which was our close friend was leaving Mineski i had to take him. We placed 2nd that month and a couple of weeks later i found out that Patty was leaving MSI then it was automatic. My team was formed.

Are you happy with what you've achieved so far?
-I am very happy with my current roster we won like 5 in a row tournaments and one last weekend.

How does the team practice?
-I set a lot of show matches for us at least 4 times a week and i hold an open tournament here at Ledion once a week.

Are you planning on shifting or building a new team for Dota 2?
-We are now starting to play Dota 2 because i know eventually Dota 2 will be the version that will be played locally and internationally. We just want to finish this year's tournaments here in the Philippines on top and with GOD'S help win this year's SMM tournament. Just call it wishful thinking. (smiles)

With the coming PGF and SMM a few months after that, what can we expect from you guys?
-The 2 biggest Dota 1 tournaments coming up are PGF and SMM. I hope we do well in these tournaments. Even though locally we are ranked number 1 there are so many really good teams here in the Philippines that every match is a toss up who's going to win then add SMM all of the best teams internationally will be there . The only thing i can promise is that we will give it 100 % and whatever comes after that comes up. Dreamz Dota will be here for a long time like i said before we are a family not a team i think that's the biggest difference of Dreamz.

Thank you. Do you guys want to thank anyone?
- First i would like to thank our sponsors Jason and Wilson from Ledion Dreamz family loves you guys!!!!!! Tryke and Marian from Steel Series. To all of the other teams here in the PH and most specially all of our supporters and fans i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart .

Other achievements of Dreamz' current roster:
1st - Gigabyte Pacific Pro Circuit All-Stars Season 2 (2012)
2nd - Gigabyte Mineski Pro-Gaming League 4-8 (2012)
2nd - Playcybergames Philippines DotA Tournament September (2012)
3rd - GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournament September (2012)
1st - Gigabyte Pacific Pro Circuit All-Stars Season 4 (2012)

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