GEST: A Talk with the Champs

Posted by Hamodi ".mOwdi." Aboukowik at 16 September 2012 23:25

Here we have the newly crowned champs and currently a three time champ of the GEST-IDC. Just a month ago they went through a very tough time, going 0-4 in their group but this month they mean business hence redeeming theirselves.

We got a chance to talk to Pacific eMaxx just after their game against Pacific Palit.

First of all congratulations to winning this month's GEST. You guys indeed redeemed yourselves. So how do you feel right now?
-We are so overwhelmed because we came back from being the lowest last GEST, from back-to-back champions to 0-4 score in the group stage and now champions once again. And of course we feel proud again mostly because we faced our sister team Pacific.Palit in the finals, its really overwhelming!

How did you prepare for GEST?
-To be honest our only preparation or practice was the PlayCyberGames Ph tournament, both Palit and us. We are not together all the time but we still find time to watch replays of the teams we will be facing to improve existing strategies and to come up with new ones mainly because a lot are constantly improving in and out of the Philippines.

Do you usually practice with Palit?
-No, because in the first place it's hard to arrange practice with the schedule of Palit since most of them are studying, Lowy, Xile and Ace. We are just one team both Palit and us we share strategies and knowledge, specially to cheer each other while playing.

Do you have strategies that Palit don't know about?
-We don't hide anything from each other, we are 1 team that is why we both had a hard time drafting and making plays (laughs)

It was an incredible game against iZone on the semis, what was the team's mindset during that game?
-In the early game we were really confident since we were winning all of our lanes but we did not sustain it because of some mistakes in the mid game that gave them a chance to come back to the game and really pushed us to the limit in the late game. Good thing that the luck was on our side and because of the support of team Palit to boost and motivate us to win and eventually we won. If you saw both Palit and us specially in the semis when we played against iZone we were exchanging motivational words. NAYSWAN!! (nice one)

What were your strategies going into the finals, did you plan to go for a different approach to surprise Palit or just go for the team's typical picks?
- There really was no different approach, it just goes down to who has the better game at the moment and luckily we had the momentum from the last game.

In the first game you guys managed to get the Riki+Wisp combo. Did you ask them the reason on not banning it?
-I think they just left it open because they know that their counter hero was open which is Slardar. No giving of picks intentionally. (laughs)

And lastly, we all know that the journey wasn't easy. Can you tell us something about the lag issues and how you managed to play with it.
-All of PH teams experienced the lag issues when the host bot is not PH so the tech support of Pacific's Don, thanks to him, he made sure that we were the only one using the internet to lessen the lag. But there are still moments when the lags are really getting to us, specially when the host bot is not Ph like when we played against G7. Ofcourse we were nervous because it was a single elimination but good thing that the skill of the team greater than the lag itself. (laughs)

And also the saying " grabe lag walang pag asa!" ( super lag no chance! ) is trending in the facebook accounts of the pinoy players.

Thank you for your time. Anybody you would like to thank? Shoutouts?

Christian "im.ciiyan" Villegas (Manager) - Thank you to my ever loving and supportive boss-miss Vange! Pacific sponsors - eMaxx, Palit, Gigabyte, Western Digital, Creative, Sole Project, Thermaltake, Nvidia. My Team-Pacific eSports (from Pldt Play-DotAPH-PinoyGG-Mineski to Pacific). PlayCyberGames' buddies (Mikagami, Natz, YukiVN, Nadya, Bank, Dome, Tar). Hi Kathleen Mae =)*

Richard "Inma" Minowa- I just want to thank our sponsors Pacific, miss Vange, eMaxx, Roccat and Hi to inma, your so beautiful. To the Badburn family, team Trojan, and to all of my friends in facebook!

Jo "Jutan" Tan - I just want to thank our sponsors PACIFIC EMAAX and ROCCAT, shoutouts to my managers Boss Ron, miss Glenda, Boss Epi, to team Trojan, Poley powersquare, to my brothers Tom and Kalvin and to Michael Buan! And lastly to the woman I love Carmela Cabrera! I Love YOU!

Don Dancel "Don" Apuad - I just want thank our sponsors PACIFIC EMAXX and ROCCAT, miss Vange thank you for the pizza, Badburn family, Prosty, SKunkky, Mandaluyong and ofcourse to Jenn Morales. Nice game to all.

Mark "Bayabas" Gavin - I just want to thank our sponsors PACIFIC EMAXX and ROCCAT, to Badburn family, to boss Ron, miss Glenda, to all the people in badburn, team Prosty, Mandaluyong, MI Shaw, to all people from Bulacan, to team Pacific Law specially to BBY TY TY TY.

Carlo "Chin" Rivera - I just want to greet my friends in facebook, Hi! Hello to all of the people from Balayan specially to Aries Balboa, that's my training ground! thanks! :) And also to Apert.Net shop and Rayzer shop. To all to my hometown, to PHX shop Francia, Jeff, Maica, Daryl, Matyu, Edrich, LordJohn, Cyron, Jamesdoc, Allan, and to all of my Dota 2 buddies. thanks to our sponsors Emaxx Philippines, to miss Vange and to all of Pacific staffs! Thats all! :)

If that was not enough, here are a few additional words from Carlo "Chin" Rivera of Pacific.eMaxx who Riki and Chaos Knight in the two games of the final.

What can you say about your performance this month?

-We are happy because we were able to reclaim the title and our honor, and we did not disappoint like last month.

You were undefeated and were actually dominating your games throught the tournament. How did you train, are there any Special training of some sort?
-Nope, we just practice a lot through RGC. We still commit many mistakes, and I don't think that we really dominated. We still need more practice so that we won't commit those mistakes again.
Any final thoughts/shoutouts?
-Hi to all members of Pacific eSports, and our very own sponsor eMaxx Philippines. I would also like to greet my close friends, you know who you guys are <3

If you missed the final games, read the summaries here. Also be sure to check out all the coverage, such as brackets, news, results, replays and streams at GosuGamers' GEST coverage.


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