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Posted by Ren "Ren" Vitug at 06 September 2012 16:40

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As we have mentioned earlier, ACE DotA Professional League will be hosting an All-Star game a good week before their Main Event.

To be held this 7th of September 12:30 CET, the event will be a more than pleasant appetizer for the ACE Finals match-up of LGD and Invictus Gaming to be held on the 14th. It will feature 1v1, 2v2 and 5v5 exhibition matches. The competing players were determined through the votes of the fans.

The 1v1 battle will be a competition between DK's BurNing and iG's Zhou, wherein both players will use the Mines specialist - Goblin Techies. The 2v2 battle, on the other hand, will be played by iG's duo of Chuan and Ferrari, pitting against the TongFu pair of Mu and Hao.

The main event will be a 5v5 battle, with iG's Faith and TF's SanSheng leading their respective team with 8 other voted All-Stars. It can be noted that both of these players, known Support Role players on their teams, will utilize the Carry position on this game.

The games will be streamed via Flash and PPLive (SD and HD). For people using PPLive for the first time, please refer here for a guide to using PPLive.

Who will be the teammates of Faith and SanSheng? Stay tuned on Gosugamers to find out.

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