The All-Stars of ACE to battle it out

Posted by Ronnel "ronnel" Pangyarihan at 05 September 2012 14:04

ACE DotA Professional League will be hosting an All-Stars game before the Grand Finals and the players need your vote!

After months of gruelling battle, ACE DotA Professional League is moving into its grand finale. [LGD will be going against Invictus Gaming for the bigger slice of the $42,000 prize pool on the 14th of September but that is not the highlight this week.

The spotlight this week will be shone on the 7th of September as ACE will be holding an All-Stars game very much like various sports around the world. The players who will or will not be participating in this event will be directly influenced by the community through a voting system set up on GTV forums.

The voting is divided into three categories - the Star Carry, the Gank Stars, and the Support Stars. Each person will receive two votes for the carry role, four votes for the gank role, and another four votes for the support role. The player with the highest votes will be competing in the All-Stars exhibition game.

Links to vote are as below:

Carry role

Ganking role

Support role

Hurry your horses because the voting for the All-Stars ends tomorrow (September 6th).

The game will be streamed live on PPLive at 13:00 CET. For people using PPLive for the first time, please refer here for a guide to using PPLive.

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