Pressure's on iZone.Gigabyte in the upcoming GMPGL 4-8

Posted by Hamodi ".mOwdi." Aboukowik at 23 August 2012 18:35

Can the hot streak of iZone.Gigabyte continue as they face another challenging leg of the Gigabyte Mineski Pro Gaming League or will it all end there?

It all started when iZone.Gigabyte recently "broke the curse" as they took gold at the prestigious Southeast Asia GEST-IDC August. Later on, accepting another challenge, they took on more than 500 teams in the GIGABYTE PACIFIC PRO CIRCUIT on August 19. Next on iZone's list is the GMPGL 4-8. The question is, can they carry on with their winning streak? Can they stop Pacific eMaxx, Dreamz Ledion SteelSeries and other teams thats stopping them from taking the crown? Or will Dreamz three peat? A lot of things are on the line, a lot of questions are being asked and a lot of pressure is on iZone.Gigabyte.

As the GMPGL finale is getting nearer the pressure is not only on iZone.Gigabyte but also on all of the teams battling for the top three to get a chance to qualify and be sent to the most prestigious Sendi Mutiara Multimedia 2012 (SMM '12).


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