iZone.Gigabyte continues hot streak into GPPC

Posted by Ren "Ren" Vitug at 20 August 2012 11:52

More than 500 teams flocked the third leg of the GPPC Dota Tournament. Noticeable are the presence of most recognized Philippine Dota teams, and a truckload of aspiring players all looking to get their rightful spot on the limelight.

Girl's Bracket
13 All-girl-teams competed, easily the highest number of participants for the said bracket in recent memory. In the end though, it was Pacific.LiveandWired reaffirming their win over Leg 1 Champion Pacific.Ichill, to take the Second straight Championship in a row.

Rising Stars
The Rising Stars Division had 448 teams (among many others not admitted) competing for the title which would not be very far off from meaning "the next big thing". Truly, competing and winning in this kind of bloody Group Stages and Single-Elimination playoffs would give no room for flukes.

This night belongs to Olympians, as they ended up winning the title and the distinction of being the Champion of the Rising Stars division. After a fairly close early game (and an interesting 0-1-4 vs. 4-1-0 laning), Olympians broke the game open with a team wipe on the 22-minute mark, and Habagat called GG 5 minutes later after losing 2 lanes to Mega Creeps.

Rising Stars Division Top 3
1st place : Philippines Olympians
2nd place : Philippines Habagat
3rd place : Philippines Pirata

All Stars
Finally, the division that everyone has got their eyes burned into. Arguably 16 of the best of the local WC3 DotA teams competed in this star-studded division, held at Pacific Intramuros. Though it might be a new place, these teams blessed the place with their presence and entertained the audience with wonderful games.

The 16 teams competing are those with the current highest ladder points on the Season.

Izone is still riding on their hot steak - from GEST to group stages - en route to a perfect record. That momentum translated nicely into the tournament, as they advanced into the winner's bracket finals, defeating team after team who comes into their way. The first round of the playoffs also saw 3-0 group stage performer Pacific.eMaxx giving 2 straight losses, thus being eliminated with MSI EvolutionGT. Pacific.Palit got sweet revenge over Mineski Powercolor on the loser's bracket finals, after the former have defeated the latter after losing to them on the second round of the winner's bracket finals.

The final match had Izone winning early-game easily, but Pacific.Palit made a spirited comeback and made the match really exciting. However, the early-game level and item advantage proved to be the difference, as Izone didn't find the need to use their twice-to-beat advantage. Rather, they took home the championship and the title of the champions of the GPPC DotA's All-Star division.

Izone Gigabyte is proving to be the team to beat, winning the GPPC DotA just one week after claiming their first GEST championship. We would definitely be looking forward to their performance int he coming GMPGL.

All-Stars Division Top 3
1st place : Philippines iZone.Gigabyte
2nd place : Philippines Pacific.Palit
3rd place : Philippines Mineski Powercolor

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