iDeal demolish Mineski to set up finals against iZONE

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 12 August 2012 12:38

There you have it - the Grand Finals of the Gigabyte eSports Tournament matchup will be between iDeal and iZONE, two teams who have clawed their way through a mountain of formidable opponents to reach the finals of the tournament. The winner will walk away with $1,500, and the loser a humble $700.

In what has been a thrilling weekend full of upsets and intense action, the Philippine's sole remaining representative iZONE managed to overpower Thai team Hurt Me Not in the other semi finals of the GEST August playoffs, thereby preventing an all Thailand Grand Finals for the first time in the competition's history.

But the story did not go well at the other end of the bracket, where a seemingly unstoppable Mineski finally fell to Thai powerhouse iDeal after a mere 35 minutes of play.

Fans who were looking out for Mineski to regain their crown will have to wait until September as the Filipino powerhouse have been sent home - but not before they play Hurt Me Not for third place.

What will happen in the Grand Finals? Stay tuned to find out.

Scrimmage report

GEST Playoffs
Philippines MineskiThailand iDeal.GIGABYTE
Windrunner Earthshaker Shadow Demon Shadow Fiend OmniknightTormented Soul Ancient Apparition Shadow Shaman Lone Druid Chaos Knight

iDeal set out to dominate the early game with their aggressive push lineup, and that was exactly what they did in the first twenty minutes. The combination of Leshrac and Shadow Shaman initiated pushes across the map and forced Mineski into fights which they were unable to take. The score was 4-13 in iDeal's favor at 18 minutes.

Meanwhile, Mineski was being punished for their lack of farm and with Radiance up on Syllabear at 21 minutes, iDeal were ready to enter Mineski's base. They initiated a push into bot barracks at 24 minutes, and despite Earthshaker selling off his boots for a last minute Blink Dagger, Mineski was still unable to take the fight.

Earthshaker had no follow up and was immediately picked off. Omniknight fell trying to prevent Shadowfiend from dying and iDeal were able to take out bottom barracks shortly after.

At 27 minutes, iDeal overextended during a push into Mineski's top barracks and had to be forced back after a 1-3 exchange. They slowly took out all of Mineski's outer towers by 30 minutes and opted for Roshan at 32 minutes.

With Aegis and Diffusal Blade on Chaos Knight, as well as Cheese on Lone Druid, iDeal was able to claim mid barracks at 33 minutes without much of a resistance from Mineski, even despite Shadowfiend's buyback.

The final straw came at 36 minutes, where Mineski was caught by surprise at top lane and the 5-1 teamfight which later went in iDeal's favor spelt the end of their road at the tournament.


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