GEST: Mineski is the first team in the semifinals

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 12 August 2012 10:07

The first round of playoff matches have already concluded with a host of quarterfinal matches underway. Mineski have sent Pacific.Palit home on the back of a spectacular performance and will await the winner of iDeal and G7 in the quarter finals of the GEST Playoffs.

August has already proven to be a month of surprises with former two-time defending champions Pacific.emaxx knocked out of the group stages without so much as a single game win.

Other Filipino powerhouses MSIEvoGT (who took the gold at GEST twice already) and Dreamz have also taken a fall in round one to G7 and Neolution respectively. Mineski now carries the weight of the Philippine flag on their shoulders as the country now stands in threat of losing the championship to a non-Filipino team in months.

A non-Filipino podium finish is also guaranteed this month, but will we see Mineski out of the tournament as well?

GEST Playoffs
Philippines Pacific.PalitPhilippines Mineski
Queen of Pain Crystal Maiden Undying Grand Magus InvokerEarthshaker Chaos Knight Holy Knight Windrunner Faerie Dragon

The unconventional pickup of Undying seemed to catch Mineski off guard as Pacific was able to net a few early towers on the back of an aggressive trilane with Undying, Rubick and Crystal Maiden which Puck was unable to defend against. Mineski responded in a similar fashion with aggressive tower taking at bot lane with Chen popping in and sieging the towers past the enemy creep line.

Pacific, however, was able to get the upperhand in the mid game with Undying's Tombstone wrecking havoc in the early fights and without a Mekansm built up on Chen yet. Yet, Mineski made the best of what they had with a couple of clutch Teleports by Earthshaker and subsequently Fissures which prevented Pacific from advancing further on their advantage.

Mineski proved they were too strong to be overcome as the twenty minute mark hit - with the essential support items up on Chen and Earthshaker, Scourge took the next few team fights nearly 5-0 or 5-1 with key Echo Slam initiations and Puck's Dream Coil.

With Aegis up on JJR's Chaos Knight, Pacific were unable to prevent Mineski from taking middle barracks and later top barracks before eventually calling out the GG.


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