GEST: Relive the group stages with our Day 1 replay pack

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 11 August 2012 17:13

In the midst of all the ongoing action for GEST July, check out what you may have missed from today's group stage matches. Backdoor was the name of the game for many of the RR replays today. What are your picks?

Philippines Pacific.Emaxx Philippines MI
Faerie Dragon PacificHugEMAXX (Top)
Invoker PacificBybEMAXX (Mid)
Shadow Demon PacificDonEMAXX (Bot)
Chaos Knight PacificChnEMAXX (Bot)
Guardian Wisp PacificNmaEMAXX (Jungle)
Broodmother Mski_owa_Pcolor (Top)
Queen of Pain Mski_JJR_PColor (Mid)
Windrunner Mski_Jay_PColor (Bot)
Demon Witch Mski_RR_PColor (Jungle)
Earthshaker Mski_wtz_PColor (Jungle)

Pacific was able to get the lead in the first thirty minutes, even though the kill score reflected a much closer game, with Invoker controlling the fights on the back of a Force Staff and Blink Dagger providing much need mobility.

As the game progressed on late, both teams were content to play it safe and opt for smoke ganks whenever possible, giving Broodmother the opportunity to farm up a Blink Dagger while Chaos Knight's farm remained largely stagnated.

With such a gold and experience lead, Mineski was able to take out the remaining barracks at top lane and force Pacific to call the GG at close to 60 minutes of game time.

The rest of Day 1 replays have already been uploaded, be sure to check them out or read our battle report for the match between Mineski and Pacific.emaxx.


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