Mineski on their way to a perfect finish

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 11 August 2012 13:06

The GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournament group stage action is almost over, and the groups are taking shape. The Filipino teams are finding it hard to dominate the tournament this month, but we may just see in happen in the last two rounds.

It looks like a three way tie has emerged in Group C between iZONE, MSIEvoGT and Deperruku, three teams who will count on their last two matches to advance to the playoffs tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Thailand's performance at this month's tournament have been spectacular, to say the least - Neolution and iDeal both top their groups at the moment, and are looking strong to make it to the playoffs while amateur Hurt Me Not also stand a strong chance of advancing after taking out last month's underdogs SVR_Es, the team from Cambodia.

GEST August Group Stage
Group AGroup B
Thailand Neolution3/0 Thailand iDeal.GIGABYTE3/1
Malaysia Invasion ReD2/1 Philippines Dreamz2/1
Philippines Pacific.Palit2/1 Indonesia eNcy2/1
Thailand Mango eSport1/2 Vietnam SkyNet1/3
Indonesia Ritter ART0/4 Indonesia X Team0/2
Group CGroup D
Indonesia deperruku2/1 Philippines Mineski3/0
Philippines MSIEvo GT2/1 Thailand Hurt Me Not2/1
Philippines iZONE.GIGABYTE2/1 Myanmar G72/2
Vietnam BauCat1/1 Cambodia SVR_Es1/2
Vietnam Starsboba0/3 Philippines Pacific.eMaxx0/3

Scrimmage report

Group D
Philippines MineskiCambodia SVR_Es
Earthshaker Shadow Fiend Crystal Maiden Invoker Faerie DragonDragon Knight Shadow Demon Sand King Omniknight Grand Magus

The first three minutes went all too well for Mineski, when Rubick died twice in the top lane to Invoker and a Crystal Maiden gank while SVR_Es' counter gank at bot lane went horribly for them. Puck managed a triple kill during an over extension with only Earthshaker as the casualty for Mineski.

Mid lane went in Shadowfiend's favor as well, with the hero constantly having 20 cs over Dragon Knight in the first ten minutes and hitting almost 30 denies. The kill score was 16/4 in Mineski's favor at 10 minutes, and Owa's Puck had already completed his Blink Dagger and Phase Boots.

Capitalizing on their advantage, Sentinel went for Roshan at 15 minutes and placed the Aegis on Puck. Mineski felt confident enough to push into middle barracks at 17 minutes, and easily claimed it at 19, pushing the kill score to 31-9 in their favor.

Sensing that the game was all but over, the Philippine team attempted to take down the fountain at 22 minutes, and after a bit of flirting around in SVR_Es' base, they took down the throne at 25 minutes, with a kill score of 60-17.


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