GEST: MSIEvoGT bounce back to 2-1, Pacific.eMaxx down 0-3

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 11 August 2012 12:17

The GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournament action continues, and with almost three full rounds, we see group stage result dented by a set of walkovers in groups A and B and a reigning champion in an 0-3 predicament.

Group A viewers could see the Indonesian squad Ritter-ART forfeit their matches due to choosing to participate in the Indonesian WCG qualifier. We see Malaysian team Invasion ReD hold the first spot together with Neolution after some limping round results. Pacific.Palit, who started by losing to Invasion Red, was able to defeat qualifier team Mango in the third round to get back up to 2-1.

Group B sees the Indonesian side eNcy on top after having defeat both SkyNet and Dreamz. iDeal, X Team and Dreamz are all tied in second at a 1-1 score. At this moment, eNcy is playing iDeal in the third round match for what could mean to be a very important point to win to secure playoff advancement. Update: iDeal defeats eNcy to go 2-1.

Group C is Filipino dominated, with iZONE and MSIEvoGT at 2-0 and 2-1 respectively. Former Vietnamese juggernaut StarsBoba are still struggling with their play, and are down 0-3.

Followers of Group D have not only got to see a champion fall, but also become the witnesses of another possible cinderella story. Pacific.eMaxx, who started today with a loss to Mineski, then followed up with a lackluster performance against HurtMeNot and G7. This can mean that the two-time champions are eliminated already in the group stage, should they not force a three-way-tie should they defeat SVR_Es and other results go their way.

Thai side HurtMeNot, one of the qualifier teams, is in a good position to reach the playoffs if they follow up with at least one more victory against either Mineski or G7.

GEST August Group Stage
Group AGroup B
Malaysia Invasion ReD2/0 Thailand iDeal.GIGABYTE2/1
Thailand Neolution2/0 Indonesia eNcy2/1
Philippines Pacific.Palit2/1 Indonesia X Team1/1
Thailand Mango eSport1/2 Philippines Dreamz1/1
Indonesia Ritter ART0/4 Vietnam SkyNet0/2
Invasion ReD 1-0 Pacific.Palit
Mango eSport 1-0 Ritter-Art (W.O)
Neolution 1-0 Ritter-Art (W.O)
Pacific.Palit 1-0 Ritter-Art (W.O)
Invasion ReD 1-0 Ritter-Art (W.O)
Neolution 1-0 Mango eSport
Mango eSport 0-1 Pacific.Palit
iDeal.GIGABYTE 0-1 Dreamz
eNcy 1-0 SkyNet
X Team 0-1 iDeal.GIGABYTE (W.O)
X Team 1-0 SkyNet (W.O)
Dreamz 0-1 eNcy
iDeal.GIGABYTE 1-0 eNcy
Group CGroup D
Philippines iZONE.GIGABYTE2/0 Philippines Mineski2/0
Philippines MSIEvo GT2/1 Thailand Hurt Me Not2/0
Vietnam BauCat1/1 Cambodia SVR_Es1/1
Indonesia deperruku1/1 Myanmar G71/2
Vietnam Starsboba0/3 Philippines Pacific.eMaxx0/3
Deperruku 1-0 StarsBoba
Deperruku 0-1 MSIEvoGT
BauCat 1-0 StarsBoba
MSIEvoGT 1-0 StarsBoba
Mineski 1-0 Pacific.eMaxx
SVR_Es 1-0 G7
HurtMeNot 1-0 Pacific.eMaxx
Mineski 1-0 G7
HurtMeNot 1-0 SVR_Es
G7 1-0 Pacific.eMaxx

Scrimmage report

Group C
Philippines MSIEvoGTVietnam StarsBoba
Earthshaker Morphling Windrunner Templar Assassin Grand MagusProphet Ancient Apparition Shadow Fiend Vengeful Spirit Slithereen Guard

The Vietnamese team StarsBoba opted for a textbook level one Roshan lineup which seemingly did not set off any bells on MSIEvoGT as they gave it away without a fight. Aegis was placed on Slardar and aggressive Teleports by Furion to StarsBoba's triple lane at bot gained them a couple of early kills on the soft supports Vengeful Spirit and Earthshaker.

Meanwhile, Templar Assassin was dominating Shadowfiend at mid despite early rune control by the latter, and she opted to farm up her items instead of helping out bot lane where the first tier tower soon fell for MSIEvoGT.

The break for Sentinel came at 12 minutes, where a second Roshan attempt by StarsBoba was foiled when a perfectly timed Waveform gave Morphling the last hit on Roshan and the Aegis steal as well. The entire MSIEvoGT lineup soon followed up and a teamfight went horribly for the Vietnamese, who only managed to take out Vengeful Spirit at the cost of their entire team.

The farm soon spiralled out of control for Sentinel and with a 20 minute Blink Dagger on Earthshaker and Desolator for Templar Assassin, MSIEvoGT forced a base rush at 22 minutes, easily claiming bottom barracks before proceeding towards mid lane.

Realizing that nothing could be done anymore, StarsBoba forfeited the game at 25 minutes just as their middle barracks took a fall.


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