Cambodian dark-horse SVR_eS sit down with GoDz

Posted by David "BTS.GoDz" Parker at 09 August 2012 12:21


With GEST IDC August just around the corner, Gosugamers' commentator and Asian Dota scene specialist, GoDz, interviewed a recent addition to the tournament: SVR_eS.

A team the DotA world had not heard of until two months ago, SVR_eS managed to prove themselves and compete with the top teams of SEA many with achievements on an International scale. The Cambodian squad qualified for the tournament back in June, but went off-script when they managed to cause numerous upsets against tournament favorites in both the June and July edition, including a fourth place finish in July.

In an exclusive interview with GosuGamers commentator David "GoDz" Parker, SVR captain, NAKCAM, and support player, Bravo, speak up about their experience with SVR_eS:

SVR_Es: Bravo (left), NakCam, Ee, Bee, 520 (right)

In the Captain's Seat

As you are the captain of team SVR_eS, could you please introduce the rest of your players and the role they play for your team?

-"Here is name and role of my whole members:
1. SVR[ES]NAKCAM : Carry,Solo
2. SVR[ES]Ee : Semi-Carry , Solo
3. SVR[ES]Bee : Semi-Carry , Solo , Ganker
4. SVR[ES]520 :Supporter, Jungler
5. SVR[ES]Bravo : Supporter
6. SVR[ES]TheStar : Solo ,Ganker"

Going into June's GEST IDC as a wildcard team from Cambodia, what were you expecting? Did you think you could compete with the rest of the teams in SEA?

-"Going into last month’s GEST IDC as a wildcard team from Cambodia, we were expecting that we would get a better result because of June’s GEST IDC experience. We did not think we could compete with the rest of the teams in SEA because we had lack of experiences."

We often watch replays of both team of SEA and Chinese teams especially replays of Filipino teams
As far as preparation goes, do you watch replays and study your opponents? Do you study replays from other teams outside of SEA as well, primarily the Chinese teams in WC3 DotA?

-"Yes of course. We often watch replays of both teams of SEA and Chinese teams, especially replays of Filipino teams. They always use many new styles and techniques. Anyway, we did not much study about our opponent, just watched their replay and ban their main hero."

You finished fourth place this month, what can you say about the two teams who defeated you in the playoffs, Pacific.Emaxx and iZONE.GIGABYTE?

-"We are really satisfied with finishing in fourth place. We faced Pacific.Emax in semi final. We were not afraid of facing them though they were a team who defended their title. We used to win versus them on June's GEST IDC group stage. However, They picked unpredictable hero during 1st ban phase in this game, causing us out of our normal picks to prevent them. But we tried our best to play and not let them win easily. After being defeated by Pacific.Emaxx, we went to face iZone.GIGABYTE a team we were always interested in them. With lots of experience and good techniques from iZone, we were beaten."

We really want to show Cambodian Dota to the world
Does your team aspire to attend international LAN events outside of Cambodia later this year such as SMM which is rumored to remain on the WC3 DotA platform?

-"It’s the biggest thing which we wished long time ago. We really want to show Cambodian Dota to the world, but we lack experience. On the other hand, we are afraid of visa issues and sponsorship too."


Back to the games themselves: Your unconventional N'aix build (Armlet, MoM, Basher) appeared to catch MSI-EvoGT by surprise in the group stage, but didn't work against Pacific.Emaxx in the semi-finals. What was the difference between these two games?

-"We used to try and practice Naix with Armet, MoM and Basher many times. We see those items is really good for battle in early game(under 25 mn). Anyway, we see MSI have no hard carry to beat Naix. In contrast, We were out of control when Pacific.Emaxx picked 2 hard carries in first pick phase(Morp&DK). We thought Naix would have fought in early game because we had TA and Rubick who is supporter. But DK was significantly fat at that time causing us more difficult to fight."

From the Support's Perspective

Hello Bravo, going into this recent GEST IDC for the second time, were you more confident as a team that you could compete with the rest of the teams and do you think you performed better?

-"Yeah, of course. During our 1st time in June’s GEST IDC, we were really nervous because it was our first time to join an international tournament. In contrast, we were more confident in this recent GEST IDC because we had experience. We did perform very well because of our teamwork and encouragement of our fans. "

My favourite teams are iG and DK
As a support player, are there any players from other international teams you watch closely to help improve your own games? Any favorite team to watch as well?

-"I really like style of Faith and Long DD. My favourite teams are iG and DK."

This August, SVR_eS will be invited directly to the group stage and not have to play a qualifier like the past two months. How does it feel to have a direct invitation to play in such a prestigious international tournament?

-"We really appreciate being directly invited to the group stage. On behalf of the first Cambodian team who is join GEST IDC, we will try our best to show the international scene we are proud to be Cambodian."

Where do you see your team finishing this August in GEST IDC? Who do you feel will be your toughest opponents and favorites to win this next edition?

-"I can not predict my finishing because many teams are also good. iZone and BadBurn should be our tough opponents."

Do you believe your team will focus more closely on Dota 2 in the future, with the upcoming public release, and WC3 DotA becoming less and less popular within Asia?

-"We do not think about Dota 2 because we are not good enough with Dota 1 (smiles)"

Final Words

Any final words or shout-outs?

-"Firstly, I would like to thank to both local and international fans who always support our team. Especially, thank to my friend Mr . Ly Souken ( who is our clan lord (SVR_KH) and always strongly support us. Finally. thank for your interviewing to let me publish my expression (smiles)." - NakCam

-"Finally, Thank to all SVR_ES fans." - Bravo'

SVR_eS were invited directly into GEST IDC August and did not have to qualify like the previous months. They will compete in the tournament this coming weekend in Group D with two past champions: Mineski (February) and Pacific.Emaxx (June, July).


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