GEST July: Pacific.Palit is eliminated from the tournament

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 22 July 2012 11:26

Just as credit was given to the Pinoys for maintaining their dominant form at the monthly South East Asian tournament, two teams - Neolution and SVR_Es - have risen to challenge the Philippines for their stranglehold over podium finishes. The battle continues.

Playoffs Round 2
Philippines Pacific.Palit < Thailand Neolution
Philippines iZONE > Philippines Mineski
Cambodia SVR_Es > Vietnam PokerStar
Philippines Dreamz < Philippines Pacific.emaxx
Playoffs Round 3
Philippines iZONE vs. Thailand Neolution
Philippines Pacific.emaxx vs. Cambodia SVR_Es

Cambodian quintet SVR_Es, a team practically unheard of within the South East Asian DotA scene, have went against all odds in this month's GEST to clinch a top four placing at the monthly tournament - and they are not done yet.

The match on stream between Pacific.emaxx and SVR_Es is still deadlocked after ten minutes, but more will play out as both teams fight for a place in the Grand Finals and a share of the prize money.

A dominant Neolution, on the other hand, will play iZONE125 after eliminating Pacific.Palit in the quarter finals of the bracket.

Will the underdogs rise up against the Pinoys this month?


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