GEST July: Only eight remain

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 22 July 2012 09:28

We are down to our final eight in the monthly Gigabyte eSports Tournament, and the Philippines make their stand once again with five out of their six representatives making it to the quarter finals this July. Mineski knocks out two-time champion MSIEvoGT in the Round of 16 playoffs and proceed on.

Playoffs Round 1
Philippines Pacific.Palit > None BYE
Thailand Neolution > Myanmar G7
Philippines iZONE > None BYE
Philippines MSIEvoGT < Philippines Mineski
Cambodia SVR_Es > None BYE
Thailand iDeal < Vietnam PokerStar
Philippines Dreamz > None BYE
Philippines Pacific.eMaxx > Malaysia Invasion ReD
Playoffs Round 2
Philippines Pacific.Palit vs. Thailand Neolution
Philippines iZONE vs. Philippines Mineski
Cambodia SVR_Es vs. Vietnam PokerStar
Philippines Dreamz vs. Philippines Pacific.emaxx

Mineski stage a comeback after their shaky start yesterday during the group stages - going up against a formidable iZONE (who were 4-0 up in their group stage), however, will be a true test of whether they deserve to advance on and possibly reclaim their title at the monthly tournament.

The match is currently streamed live by David "GoDz" Parker while the rest of the playoff matches play on simultaneously.


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