GEST July Replay Pack

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 22 July 2012 09:07

In the midst of all the ongoing playoffs action for GEST July, check out what you may have missed from yesterday's group stage matches as well as the tiebreaker matches this morning. Here is our pick from Day 1:

Group C
Philippines MSiEvoGT Myanmar G7
Far Seer MSIevoGTkimoTnC (Roaming)
Shadow Demon MSIevoGTmAxTnC (Roaming)
Windrunner MSIevoGTrArATnC (Mid)
Faerie Dragon MSIevoGTRMTnC (Top)
Morphling MSIevoGTnaEjTnC (Bot)
Dark Seer Gse7en-Kenji (Top)
Undying Gse7en-Kalay (Bot)
Crystal Maiden Gse7en-VrKat (Roaming)
Naga Siren Gse7en-shOwT (Bot)
Axe Gse7en-Leo (Mid)
Take me to the replay!

Fans of G7 should be no stranger to the unconventional lineups that the team from Myanmar occasionally decides to run. This time, however, they drafted against two-time GEST champions MSIEvoGT, who could not handle the pushing capabilities of Undying, Dark Seer, Naga Siren and an Axe, and were forced to forfeit after 30 minutes.

The rest of available GEST replays can be found at the following link.


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