GEST: Three groups end in tiebreaker situations

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 22 July 2012 07:53

The nerve thrilling first day of the GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournament ended in a series of upsets which also made the outcome of three groups in darkness. A tiebreaker, who will finish on Sunday morning, will light up the paths for the playoff.

Three-way tie in Group A
Group A ended in a three-way-tie, as Pacific.Palit, iDeal and Invasion ReD all managed to win three matches each. Invasion ReD was able to edge out a win over Pacific.Palit, while losing to iDeal. iDeal lost to Pacific which meant a tiebreaker situation that was decided in the afternoon.

Pacific.Palit could in the tiebreaker defeat both ideal and Invasion ReD to claim first place and with iDeal's victory over Invasion ReD the seedings for the playoffs were set.

Group B without a tiebreaker
Group B was the only group where teams sailed off to the final bracket without a tiebreaker. Last season's runner-ups iZONE snatched the first place ahead of reigning champions Pacific.emaxx who we saw end in second place. The team that grabbed the third place was none ofther than Vietnamese team PokerStar after having defeated both Mango.eSport and Deperruku.

Group C: Myanmar side G7 makes playoff debut
Due to G7 pulling an upset in the first round of Group Cversus MSIEvoGT and then following it up with a victory over Cambodian team SVR_ES, the slots for second and third place were wide open in a three-way-tie between MSIEvoGT, G7 and StarsBoba.

And the two-time GEST champions MSIEvoGT made sure to not leave the tournament early. Two back-to-back victories over Starsboba and G7 ensured them a place in the playoffs as second seed. And for the first time in the GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournament International DotA Cup history, G7 captain Kenji could see his quintet advance from the group stage to reach the playoffs after the final tiebreaker win over StarsBoba.

Two tie-breakers in Group D see Filipino success
Group D gave us two tiebreakers, one between Julz's LedionDreamz and the newly updated roster from Neolution, and the second between Mineski and SkyNet.

LedionDreamz made sure not to disappoint their wide span of fans and clinched victory in the direct tiebreaker match to take first seed and see Neolution take second.

Mineski was, just as their countrymen Dreamz, able to win versus their tie-breaker opponents SkyNet and therefore held on to the last straw to stay alive in this weekend's showdown.

Group AGroup B
1. Philippines Pacific.Palit3/0/191. Philippines iZone.GIGABYTE4/0/012
2. Thailand iDeal3/0/192. Philippines Pacific.emaxx3/0/19
3. Malaysia Invasion ReD3/0/193. Vietnam PokerStar2/0/26
4. Indonesia eNcy1/0/334. Thailand Mango.eSport1/0/13
5. Laos Plz.DotA0/0/405. Indonesia Deperruku0/0/40
iDeal vs Pcfc 0-1
Invasion.My vs eNcy 1-0
Please vs Pcfc 0-1
iDeal vs eNcy 1-0
Pcfc vs Invasion.My 0-1
Please vs eNcy 0-1
iDeal vs Invasion.My 1-0
eNcy vs Pcfc 0-1
Please vs Invasion.My 0-1
Please vs iDeal 0-1

Pcfc vs. iDeal 1-0
Pcfc vs. Invasion.My 1-0
iDeal vs. Invasion.My 1-0
iZONE125 vs Deperruku 1-0
Pacific.emaxx vs Mango.eSport 1-0
PokerStar vs Deperruku 1-0
iZONE125 vs Mango.eSport 1-0
Deperruku vs Pacific.emaxx 0-1
PokerStar vs Mango.eSport 1-0
iZONE125 vs Pacific.emaxx 1-0
Mango.eSport vs Deperruku 1-0
PokerStar vs Pacific.emaxx 0-1
PokerStar vs iZONE125 0-1

Group CGroup D
1. Cambodia SVR_Es3/0/191. Philippines Dreamz3/0/19
2. Philippines MSIEvo GT2/0/262. Thailand Neolution3/0/19
3. Myanmar G72/0/263. Philippines Mineski2/0/26
4. Vietnam Starsboba2/0/264. Vietnam SkyNet2/0/26
5. Indonesia XcN1/0/335. Vietnam Xgame0/0/40
MSIEvo GT vs StarsBoba 1-0
G7 Gaming vs XcN 0-1
SVR_ES vs StarsBoba 1-0
MSIEvo GT vs XcN 1-0
StarsBoba vs G7 Gaming 1-0
SVR_ES vs XcN 1-0
MSIEvo GT vs G7 Gaming 0-1
XcN vs StarsBoba 0-1
SVR_ES vs G7 Gaming 0-1
SVR_ES vs MSIEvo GT 1-0

MSIEvo GT vs. G7 1-0
MSIEvo GT vs. StarsBoba 1-0
G7 vs. StarsBoba 1-0
Mineski vs Neolution 0-1
SkyNet vs Dreamz 0-1
Xgame vs Neolution 0-1
Mineski vs Dreamz 1-0
Neolution vs SkyNet 1-0
Xgame vs Dreamz 0-1
Mineski vs SkyNet 0-1
Dreamz vs Neolution 1-0
Xgame vs SkyNet 0-1
Xgame vs Mineski 0-1

Dreamz vs. Neolution 1-0
Mineski vs. SkyNet 1-0


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