GEST July: iDeal tears Plz.Dota apart in 16 minutes

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 21 July 2012 11:17

iDeal bounce back after an early loss to share first place in Group A with Pacific.Palit. Meanwhile, Group C is all about surprises as Cambodian underdogs SVR_ES and G7, the team from Myanmar, finish at the top of Group C after two rounds.

Laos Plz.DotAThailand iDeal.GIGABYTE
Dark Seer Lich Ancient Apparition Prophet Nerubian WeaverVengeful Spirit Templar Assassin Windrunner Holy Knight Lone Druid

It seemed like the Laos team were not prepared to play at the international stage as they fumbled early on against iDeal's mid game centered lineup. The Thai team were able to claim early kills and towers, putting them at a 4 tower 12-2 kill lead at just 10 minutes.

The game was more than over by the 15 minute mark, as a bottom barracks attempt was made and easy claimed by iDeal. Plz.Dota forfeited the game at 16 minutes and under a 4-21 kill deficit.

A heavily anticipated matchup between LedionDreamz and Julz's former teammates Mineski is live now as the fourth streamed match of the day. Who will come out on top?

Group AGroup B
Philippines Pacific.Palit2/0/06Philippines iZone.GIGABYTE2/0/06
Thailand iDeal.GIGABYTE2/0/16Vietnam PokerStar1/0/03
Malaysia Invasion ReD1/0/13Thailand Mango.eSport1/0/13
Indonesia eNcy0/0/10Philippines Pacific.emaxx0/0/10
Laos Plz.DotA0/0/20Indonesia Deperruku0/0/20
Group CGroup D
Cambodia SVR_Es2/0/06Philippines Ledion Dreamz1/0/03
Myanmar G71/0/03Philippines Mineski.Powercolor1/0/13
Vietnam Starsboba0/0/00Vietnam SkyNet1/0/13
Indonesia XcN0/0/10Thailand Neolution1/0/13
Philippines MSIEvo GT0/0/20Vietnam Xgame0/0/10


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