GEST July: MSIEvoGT face threat of group stage elimination

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 21 July 2012 10:34

The Philippines lose their dominating touch at GEST July with MSIEvoGT falling for a second time and Mineski losing their first match against SkyNet. Meanwhile, Pacific.Palit and iZONE top their group after two games, with the third round to follow.

Philippines MSIEvoGTCambodia SVR_Es
Morphling Axe Queen of Pain Crystal Maiden EarthshakerTemplar Assassin Ancient Apparition Holy Knight Lifestealer Grand Magus

It was an even game for both sides in the first twenty minutes - Axe was able to make a significant impact with the aid of Queen of Pain, a hero that MSIEvoGT was very familiar with.

The later stages of the game, however, was dominated by Naix, who soon got out of control with farm, and aided by Templar Assassin and the heals on Chen, SVR_ES was able to force MSIEvoGT to a second defeat at the group stages of the tournament.

Is this the end for MSIEvoGT? Stay tuned as the third stream match of the day between Plz.DotA and iDeal.GIGABYTE goes live.

Group AGroup B
Philippines Pacific.Palit2/0/06Philippines iZone.GIGABYTE2/0/06
Thailand iDeal.GIGABYTE1/0/13Vietnam PokerStar1/0/03
Malaysia Invasion ReD1/0/13Thailand Mango.eSport1/0/13
Indonesia eNcy0/0/10Philippines Pacific.emaxx0/0/10
Laos Plz.DotA0/0/10Indonesia Deperruku0/0/20
Group CGroup D
Myanmar G71/0/03Vietnam SkyNet1/0/03
Cambodia SVR_Es1/0/03Philippines Ledion Dreamz1/0/03
Indonesia XcN0/0/00Vietnam Xgame0/0/00
Vietnam Starsboba0/0/00Philippines Mineski.Powercolor0/0/10
Philippines MSIEvo GT0/0/20Thailand Neolution0/0/10


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