GoDz, Ronnel predict this weekend's GEST July groups

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 18 July 2012 14:17

GosuGamers brings you a group stage preview of this weekend's GIGABYTE E-Sports Tournament International DotA Cup. As always, the international GEST broadcaster David "GoDz" Parker give you his predictions. To give you a second opinion, we saved the second column for our Filipino editor Ronnel Pangyarihan.

GEST July \ Group A
Philippines Pacific.Palit
Thailand iDeal.GIGABYTE
Malaysia Invasion ReD
Indonesia eNcy
Laos Plz.DotA
godz-80.jpgDavid: This is possibly the easiest, but potentially the hardest group to predict this month in GEST IDC. Pacific.Palit and Invasion-Red have both stood out over the recent months and would be favorites to top the group (I’d give a slight edge to the Filipinos – as always!), and iDeal’s recent consistency points towards them taking the 3rd spot in the group. While eNcy are a team capable of upsets, I wouldn't bet my tangos on it, but on anomaly still remains: the wildcard team from Laos. Last month saw wildcards SVR_ES upset the eventual champions (Pacific.Emaxx) during the group stage and the team went onto qualify again this month. Can we expect similar things from Plz.DotA? That’s one thing even I can’t predict!
ronnel-80-67.jpgRonnel: The most unpredictable group in this month’s GEST. I think Pacific.Palit and Invasion Red got a big chance in this group but I will not underestimate iDeal.GIGABYTE. They had always been the 3rd placer in every group they were in. The team will definitely give everything they got to get in the top 8 this time. But ency and Plz.DotA are capable of pulling up upsets so I really don’t know. This group is really unpredictable! But I will totally be rooting for the Invasion and Pacific.Palit to stand out in this group.

GEST July \ Group B
Indonesia Deperruku
Philippines iZone.GIGABYTE
Philippines Pacific.emaxx
Thailand Mango.eSport
Vietnam PokerStar
godz-80.jpgDavid: Returning champions Pacific.emaxx (BadBurn) and returning runner-up (three-time runner-ups in fact) iZone.GIGABYTE should in theory top this group. But theories are there to be disproved! And with multiple dark horses looking to ride on into the playoffs neither team will have it easy. Thai qualifiers Mango.eSport took down the Pinoy Class S team Sweetopia to make it here, while depperuku have already proven themselves and become quickly remembered for their trashtalk upsets during a couple matches against Mineski. One group I don’t expect to go as planned for anyone.

ronnel-80-67.jpgRonnel: So Orange E-Sports sat out of this group. I was totally looking forward on their performance. I just saw the poll and Orange just dominated it by gathering 22% of the total votes followed by Pacific.emaxx (19%) and Mineski (19%) respectively. Too bad they will not be able to make it but I would love to see IZone125 and Pacific.emaxx performance this weekend. These two Philippine teams surely know how to standout. I think the Indonesia team deperruku also has an advantage in this one. If the team will come prepared, they will be able to make it out of the group stage but it will be really hard to overcome the two Philippine teams. Can deperruku overcome the dominance of these two Philippine teams?

GEST July \ Group C
Philippines MSIEvo GT
Myanmar G7
Indonesia RitteR ART
Vietnam Starsboba
Cambodia SVR_Es
godz-80.jpgDavid: Straight forward for MSI-EvoGT? Yeah, I think this is one group it’s fairly safe to assume that. A struggling StarsBoba and a so-far-unimpressive G7 shouldn't stand in the way of the only repeat champions. However, Ritter-ART turned some heads last month with a flawless group stage performance defeating both Orange and Pacific.Palit. Meanwhile, SVR_Es managed to crack some tough eggs, and MSI-EvoGT need to be sure not to take either team too lightly. I feel SVR’s inexperience will lead to them fighting for the 3rd place spot with Starsboba, while MSI and Ritter take the top two spots respectably.
ronnel-80-67.jpgRonnel: This will be a walk in the park for MSI Evolution Gaming Team. For me, the GEST March and May Champion will dominate this group. They recently won the MSI Overdrive Dota Tournament and based on their performance the team chemistry just got better. The black and red squad surely got this one. It will be the biggest upset of this month's GEST if they will not make it out of the group stage. I am looking forward on Starsboba, SVR_ES, G7 and Ritter ART’s performance this weekend.

GEST July \ Group D
Philippines Mineski.Powercolor
Vietnam SkyNet
Philippines Ledion Dreamz
Thailand Neolution
Vietnam Xgame
godz-80.jpgDavid: Well… I’m going to say it. And I really hope my fan favorite team will prove me wrong this month. But Mineski are out of form. They are struggling. They are not the powerhouse they once seemed to be in SEA. That’s not to say they won’t get through this group, but they will face some definite obstacles, and have to bring their A-game. The Julz-led Dreamz have proven to be a consistent (although not a top-contender yet) force to be reckoned with. Then you have some unpredictable teams such as Neolution (Former “Tell Me Why”) and Xgame – two teams who made it through their groups last month causing some upsets. As far as unpredictable groups goes – this one has the rest beat. Not often do I wish I could just sit on the fence, and just say “wait and see, wait and see”. But for the gosu-betters out there looking for tips, here’s what I’d (reluctantly) bet on. Dreamz to win the group with Neolution then Mineski following. Maybe we’ll even see the first 5-way tie in GEST IDC with this group. Really. It could happen.
ronnel-80-67.jpgRonnel: I am also totally looking forward to this group. The two Philippine gaming powerhouses Mineski PowerColor and Ledion Dreamz got a big advantage in this group. Mineski had been in a championship drought for the last four month and everyone should surely take a look in their performance this month. With Jojero back in the team, it surely got better. Let’s not forget Neolution and SkyNet. I consider these teams as rising stars. Both of these teams are capable of doing upsets so I will totally not underestimate this two. Do you think these two teams can overcome Philippine gaming powerhouses?


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