MSIEvoGT wins MSI Overdrive E-Sports Intensified Grand Finals

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 09 July 2012 16:41

MSIEvoGT wins this weekend's MSI Overdrive

msioverdrive-grandfinal-poster-270.jpgLast Friday, the MSI Overdrive E-Sports Intensified Grand Finals kicked off. The event was organized by MSI and sponsored by Aerocool, SteelSeries and Western Digital. The event was considered as one of the biggest e-sports event of the year in the Philippines.

As previously reported, the DotA tournament was their flagship event, but fans could also see Filipino stars duke it out in League of Legends, StarCraft 2, Diablo 3 (boss time attack) to mention a few.

The record-breaking DotA all-star game was held last Saturday. The Defense of the Ancients veteran player Julius “Julz” Deleon of Ledion Dreamz SteelSeries was the captain of MSI Turbo Drive while Ryan “Jay” Qui of Mineski was the captain of MSI OC Genie. The two captains were free to pick their team mates from a 8-man player pool voted forth by the fans.

MSI Turbo Drive
Philippines Julz (Dreamz)
Philippines Santino (Pacific)
Philippines JYC (Dreamz)
Philippines Bayabas (Badburn)
Philippines Jhoven (iZone125)
MSI OC Genie
Philippines Bimbo/Jay (Mineski)
Philippines Kimo (MSIEvoGT)
Philippines RR (Mineski)
Philippines Wootz (Mineski)
Philippines Paseo (Badburn)

This was considered as the hottest match of the day. It was played in a best of 3 series. Team Jay won the first game while Team Julz grabbed the second game. The competition turned intense as the third game commenced. The tactics and strategy that team Julz showed amazed the on-lookers who could see the Dreamz captain lead his all-star team to victory.

After the intense showdown, MSI Turbo Drive drew the match point over MSI OC Genie. Julz’s team took home P5,000 and SteelSeries gaming gears. It was a well played match for MSI Turbo Drive and a well-deserved victory.

The Dota tournament was one of the most awaited at the venue. The finalists were the top 3 teams who topped the ten summer qualifiers which were held at the internet cafés around Manila. Most eyes were set upon the class S teams Mineski PowerColor, Pacific Revitalize, iZone125, MSI Evolution Gaming Team, Badburn and Dreamz, but the other teams came in with heads held high and ready to show what they were to bring to the table.

Apple Park B’s performance did not go by unnoticed. The team defeated Pacific.Palit in the first round of the tournament. Another big upset was Dreamz Ledion SteelSeries' performance against the Olympians. Dreamz was not able to overcome the Olympian's might and therefore missed the chance to reach the 8-team group stage.

Group A | W | L
Philippines Apple Park B 3 0
Philippines Mineski 2 1
Philippines Unlipops.Trojan 0 3
Philippines Pacific.eMaxx 1 2
Group B | W | L
Philippines MSI 3 0
Philippines iZone125 2 1
Philippines Olympians 1 2
Philippines Sweetopia 0 3

After the amazing group stage, MSI Evolution Gaming Team and Apple Park B were the only teams still standing. The teams battled it out and proved they both deserved to take home the 75,000 PHP cash prize.

In the end, MSI Evolution Gaming Team drew the championship point over Apple Park B after a well played match for the red-and-black squad. MSIEvoGT could therefore take home the P75,000 cash prize and SteelSeries gaming gear. The runner up Apple Park B took home the 25,000 PHP second place cash prize.

For full results, head over to our event results page that gives you a full rundown on all the match scores.

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