NOW: JuLz, Jay captaining all-star DotA match at MSI Overdrive

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 07 July 2012 15:09
jay-julz-msioverdrive-captains.jpgInbetween the competition at the MSI Overdrive grand final at the 4/F Annex Event Arena in the Philippines, the two voted forth captains JuLz and Jay picked four players each to entertain the crowd at the fan-filled event venue in a best-of-three series.


MSI Overdrive - Beat It All-star
Team Julz
Philippines Julz
Philippines Santino
Philippines JYC
Philippines Bayabas
Philippines Jhovensanity
Team Jay
Philippines bimboker (Jay)
Philippines Kimo
Philippines RR
Philippines Wootz
Philippines Paseo


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