MSI Philippines with €3,800 offline finals next weekend

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 28 June 2012 22:36
msioverdrive-grandfinal-poster-270.jpgMSI Phillipines is hosting their finals of their 200,000 PHP (€~3,800 EUR) DotA tournament MSI Overdrive next weekend, July 6-8. The 4/F Annex Event Area will be the venue for the 30 teams taking part.

The tournament will feature internationally top ranked teams like Mineski, MSI EvoGT, Pacific.Revitalize, Izone^125, Badburn and Dreamz Ledion SS. Have you followed the GIGABYTE Esport Tournament you have surely heard of them and seen the top notch performance by the Filipino sides.

The grand final winner will walk home with a 75,000 PHP (~€1,425 EUR) check as well as a SteelSeries QcK MASS Gank Edition mousepad. The runner-up will have to settle with 25,000 PHP (~€475 EUR).

The champion of each of the open qualifiers will be getting the first ten seeds, and the runner-ups of the six open qualifiers will get the first 16 seeds in the 32-team single elimination tournament.

When teams reach the quarter finals, they will be split up in two groups of four in which the top two will advance to a playoff.

As a special all-star game, the ten players with the most likes in this photo album will form two teams. The two with the highest number of votes will be the captains of the two teams and will draft their team mates among the pool of the other 8 "all-stars". The prize for that all-star game is a 5,000 PHP (~€95 EUR) and five SteelSeries Sensei mice.

Qualified teams
Philippines Team BW (Qualifier 1st)
Philippines Apple Park B
Philippines Pavillion
Philippines Boybitz (1st)
Philippines Ratbukelz
Philippines P.S.
Philippines B.Atak (1st)
Philippines Tei
Philippines ROG
Philippines Pacific.Skunky (1st)
Philippines Tsong
Philippines Tropang Bilog
Philippines Pacific.Revitalize (1st)
Philippines Izone^125
Philippines Olympians
Philippines Sweetopia (1st)
Philippines Pag-ibig
Philippines Badburn
Philippines Mineski Powercolor (1st)
Philippines MSI EvoGT
Philippines Peralta
Philippines Batiancila (1st)
Philippines Unlipops
Philippines Mind games
Philippines Apple Park A (1st)
Philippines Collosus
Philippines Dreamz Ledion SS
Philippines Apoy (1st)
Philippines Chupols
Philippines MIB

StarCraft 2 at MSI Overdrive
The event will also host the finals of the MSI Overdrive StarCraft 2 tournament, with a 5,000 PHP (~€95 EUR) prize for the winner. Top Filipino palyers Ender and JaBiTo are two of the 32 players in the group stage.

And under the MSI Beat IT banner, the players with most votes in this photo album will be paired up against the Fnatic StarCraft 2 duo Rain and Byul. Prizes include personalized MSI dog tags, a SteelSerie Zboard keyboard and an MSI Beat It All-Star jersey.

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