iDeal.GIGABYTE overcome MiTH.Trust to win DotA DsportGames Tournament

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 26 June 2012 10:23

Thailand team iDeal.GIGABYTE was able to clinch the title and the 10,000 THB in the all-Thai tournament DsportGames after a close grand final against MiTH.Trust.

iDeal's player Lookballz (also known as sD) played an amazing Lina in the second grand final game, going 19-1 and getting over 5000 in hero kill gold.

iDeal was able to stay put in the upper bracket all the way to the final, which gave them a 1-0 advantage over Trust who surprisingly lost to Perfect Gaming in the upper bracket semi final. Trust's captain Trai "TrinaKub" Akaravinak was able to bounce back though and went through the lower bracket undefeated.

But the first game win by did not help Trust as iDeal pulled themselves together and could seal the deal two to one.

Check out the VODs below.

Final standings
1. Thailand iDeal.GIGABYTE 10,000 THB (~€250 EUR)
2. Thailand MiTH.Trust 5,000 THB (~€125 EUR)
3. Thailand Perfect Gaming 2,000 THB (~€50 EUR)

Game 1

Game 2 Part 1/2

Game 2 Part 2/2



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