iZone, Pacific Badburn are GEST June finalists

Posted by Kai "Treble1999" Chua at 17 June 2012 11:47

We have our finalists: Pacific Badburn will take on iZone for the title of GEST June Champions as they emerge victorious in their semi-finals against Mineski and Invasion Red respectively.

Philippines MineskiPhilippines BadBurn
WindrunnerEarthshakerDragon KnightGrand MagusFaerie DragonQueen of PainAncient ApparitionMorphlingVengeful SpiritGoblin Techies


Goblin Techies is turning out to be the surprise clutch pick for two time MPGL Champions Pacific BadBurn as they utilise him once again in their semi-final against Mineski with great aplomb. Techies statis traps together with remote mines and the global range of Ancient Apparition allowed Badburn significant map control.

Despite an early death to DK, BadBurn shut down his farm with a couple solo kills and ganks from VS and QoP. While this was happening Morphling was farming up like a mad man due to opportunities created in the mid-game due to the sick Techies combo.

Ultimately Techies provided so much farm for the Morphling, who finally appeared at fights around the 35minute mark and proved to be too much for Mineski to handle.

Philippines iZoneMalaysia Invasion
EarthshakerAncient ApparitionFaerie DragonOmniknightShadow FiendNaga SirenWindrunnerInvokerProphetShadow Shaman

iZone make finals all-Filipino affair

iZone managed to overcome an early disadvantage and go on to take their place in the Finals on the back of a well-farmed Shadow Fiend. It didn't start off well for the Filipinos as Shadow Fiend showed why he was no longer part of the Meta-game, being ganked and killed 3 times in the first 4 minutes of the game as Invasion took control of the early game.

A tower push followed by an early Roshan and things seemed to be going well for Invasion as they continued to exert their early game dominance. However, a push gone wrong allowed iZone right back into the game as they traded 1 hero for 4. That fight also allowed Earthshaker to work towards his blink dagger and gave Shadow Fiend even more farm. It was the calm before the storm as both teams desperately tried to farm up in that period, but it was Invasion who got the shorter end of the straw.

By the 24th minute Shadow Fiend had managed to rack up Power Threads and a raw Butterfly, and the game drastically swung in iZone's favour. As we approached the mid-game all Invasion Red could do was to leave Prophet on the long lane while the other 4 of their heroes defended. However, the repelled Shadow Fiend was soon too much for the Malaysians to handle and they had to concede, making iZone finalists for the first time.

Third Place Playoff:
Philippines Mineski vs Malaysia Invasion Red

Grand Finals (BO3):
Philippines iZone vs Philippines Pacific Badburn

Replays will be uploaded as soon as we receive them. Stay tuned for more updates.

Just two more games to go, how many have you gotten correct so far?


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