WCG2012 China qualifiers schedule released

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The best of China's professional teams congregate in the annual China qualifiers for a grand prelude to the World Cyber Games. WCG2012's China qualifers will begin on the June 19, featuring the best teams from different cities and clubs battlling it out in several categories. Teams will fight for the privilege to represent the country in the global round, and the competition features Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, DotA, Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty and CrossFire.

As of now only the schedules for the Samsung WCG2012 Warcraft 3: TFT, SC2 and DotA have been released. Starting June 19, NeoTV will bring to you the live streaming and result updates, do not miss out on these exciting matches!

Game Version: DotA v6.74c (Should there be any new versions released in the course of competition, v6.74c will still be used)
Rules: The qualifiers will be conducted using through elimination best-of-three rounds.
Prize: Winners will obtain qualificaiton to the WCG 2012 Grand Final round.

The following shows the schedule for the DotA matches and information about the pairings.

WCG2012 China qualifiers DotA section

Round 1: Quarterfinals
June 23 1900hrs WE - For.Love
June 24 1900hrs iG - NL
June 30 1900hrs TongFu - LGD
July 01 1900hrs DK - Tyloo

July 07 1900hrs - - -
July 07 1900hrs - - -

3rd placing and Finals
July 14 1900hrs - - -
July 15 1900hrs - - -

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