GEST: GoDz predicts weekend group stage: 'I'm sure we will see sparks fly'

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 14 June 2012 14:55

A GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournament preview is not complete without predictions from our eminent caster David "GoDz" Parker. This time, he tells us his secret for his predictions.
- "Browse through team names looking for known PH teams. Browse for Orange E-sports. If no Orange E-sports, rank Pinoy teams from the top accordingly," says GoDz in the predictions below.

GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournament \ June
Group A Group B
Philippines MSIEvo GT - Goes though Vietnam Starsboba
Cambodia SVR_ES Malaysia Invasion ReD - Goes though
Brunei RedSpade - Fights for third Philippines Dreamz - Goes though
Myanmar G7 - Fights for third Thailand iDeal - Goes though
Philippines Badburn - Goes though Vietnam TinhYeuDota
godz-80.jpgGoDz says:
Well, we have two Gigabyte repeat winners here. MSI as the only team to win two GEST monthly championships so far, and Badburn who have defended their GMPGL title to win it again. It's a tough task for any of the other 3 teams to cause an upset against either of these red-hot teams. As for the match between the two I'm sure we will see sparks fly though. With the new format having three teams advance, Red Spade and G7 will likely fight over that 3rd place spot.

godz-80.jpgGoDz says:
Aggh! How do I predict a group with only one Pinoy team? Well, when you have the likes of StarsBoba and Invasion Red you suddenly see some of the legitimate contenders to the Pinoy reign over the GEST-IDC. Invasion Red defeated Mineski last month during the groups although failed to take it much further. Additionally, Dreamz do not appear as strong or consistent as their 5 big Pinoy counterparts in the tournament (MSI, Pcfc, iZONE, Mski, Badburn), and may struggle versus these two teams. iDeal is a team that has proven they can cause upsets, and we'll have to see what TinhYeuDota can bring to the pot. Definitely the most unpredictable group, but nobody likes a fence-sitter, so: Invasion Red to win the group with Dreamz then iDeal to follow. Sorry StarsBoba, you just haven't been consistent enough for me!

Group C Group D
Philippines iZone 125 - Goes though Malaysia Orange - Goes though
Philippines Mineski - Goes though Vietnam SkyNet
Indonesia Velocy Philippines Pcfc - Goes though
Thailand Neolution Indonesia Ritter-ART - Goes though
Thailand Tell Me Why - Goes though Philippines Apple Park
godz-80.jpgGoDz says:
Steps to making group predictions: Browse through team names looking for known Filipino teams. Browse for Orange E-sports. If no Orange E-sports, rank Pinoy teams from the top accordingly. Well using these guidelines, we have iZone and Mineski to top the group. I may fence-sit on this one - could go either way - iZone appear more consistent as of late. Third place I'm gonna pick a dark horse: Tell Me Why. Having seen these guys play on LAN at the Digital Gateway in Thailand I was damn impressed. They have serious talent and teamwork and may cause some heads to turn this month.
godz-80.jpgGoDz says:
Well, right off the back the Gigabyte Pacific tournament title, I have to imagine Pacific (Revitalize) is one of the favorites for this group. Then you have Mushi and co. Sure they don't practice WC3 DotA. Sure they are a Dota 2 team mostly. But hey, it's Mushi, Winter and KyxY, with some top-notch supports. I have to give Pacific a slight edge because of their recent momentum, but Orange will put up a great fight. Third place I feel will go to the Indonesians in RITTER-ART this time around as SkyNet have not put up a fight since GEST February!

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