Mushi: 'To all players out there - never give up!'

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 21 April 2012 15:06
Mushi with Orange at their most recent appearance - Razer MY Invitational.

With a name almost synonymous with Malaysian DotA, Mushi's career has brought him to places like Paris and China and earned him the respect of the international community. In one of his most personal interviews yet, Chai Yee "Mushi" Feng expresses to Orange eSports that 'I will keep on running and learning to be one of the top players in the scene.'

In the interview, Mushi takes readers through the peaks and troughs of his career, beginning from his first team at Cybertime five years ago, where a tournament organized by his local internet cafe led him to "[tell himself] that one day in the future, [he wanted] to beat Kingsurf." And from then on, the Mushi that fans came to know and love was born.

For those of us who were cheering for Mushi and back in the days of ESWC 2010 and ESTC 2010, we would have remembered much about his accomplishments, especially in the latter.

Mushi later revealed that it was lung surgery which caused him to forfeit his trip to Paris and that "after the surgery, the doctor said [he could not] board a plane for six months."

When ESTC was around the corner, Mushi decided against his wellbeing to go. "If I insisted to go, I would have to bear the consequences myself. But I knew our team had a very big chance of winning."

One thing led to another, but as we all know, it led us to this:

The 'unbeatable' EHOME falls to (see replay)

Later on, with the development of Dota 2, Mushi found himself at the crossroads that every professional DotA player would eventually tread on - making the switch. "I hope that we can go back to ESWC in 2012," Mushi proclaims, unsatisfied by his team's performance at last year's event.

"We thought ESWC would feature DotA, but they suddenly changed it to Dota 2. Too bad we already bought the air tickets, so we had no choice. We didn't like Dota 2 at that time and we only played around ten matches.

When we played Na`Vi, and after the drafting ended, their team all shouted 'Kill Mushi' non-stop and loudly. *laughs* I really felt sorry that I wasted our sponsor's money [sending us there]."

When asked later about the team he was dying to play against, it naturally came down to Ukraine Na`Vi. Why? "Because in ESWC 2011, they shouted for me, but raped me later on. *laughs*"

Mushi and Wootz in Singapore for Razer Dota 2 Invitational

Nevertheless, at the heart of it all, Mushi carries himself with an air of humility missing from many top players in the scene. When prompted to predict which player had the potential to replace him, his answer was 'many' but he did not stop there.

"They can be better than me, and I hope they can be more hardworking and put in more effort. Of course, I won't stop there [myself]. I will keep on running, learning and maintain my skills to be one of the top players in the scene."

The full interview by Orange eSports can be found here.

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