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Posted by Bruno "AWRNSS" Justo at 12 February 2012 02:37
za.pngThe famous series of videos made by BGDotaTV is back, now featuring Dota 2 scenes.

After a long break, the Bulgarian video-team decided to return to business. They were the makers of the previous 24 editions in DotA (you can watch them clicking here) and they will keep their hard work in Dota 2.

The team will feature scenes from the public but since the replay system is currently under construction you need to do some work. You need to find the match number first by going to the Dota 2 replay section, writing your nickame and checking the date. You will now be able to see your latest game in the list. You can also look for your replays by checking your profile (it's not a 100% functional at the moment tho).

Now that you know the match number you need browse your PC to find the actual replay-file. You go to: steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\replay and copy the archive with the match number you got earlier, "9244" for example.

You're almost done! There are only two more steps. You just need to attach the file to your email and sent it in a mail to [email protected]. If the file is too big and you can't attach it you can use web-storing sites like SpeedyShare or Wupload and simply paste the link in the email.

Please remember that this is the only way to get this done with the current replay system in Dota 2. It's really messy for now but Valve is working really hard to provide us with a much simpler and efficient system in the near future.

YouTube - BGDotaTV Official channel.


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