EG boycotts SMM 2011 with a forfeit

Posted by Dexter "kurtcos" F at 04 December 2011 02:18

After yesterday's controversial match against MitH.Trust, EG have announced their forfeit of the tournament, citing major disappointment with the tournament organisers, and rightfully so. KingsurfJJ will advance on their behalf.

Last night's match did not bode well for both parties, and it was certainly more of the case for EG. Due to a disconnect from the MitH side, EG were forced to rematch the team since a reload could not be done.

MitH later reversed the advantage that EG had in the original game, and tensions soon brooded within Misery and co, who finally decided to unleash their rage on their opponents and the marshalls, the latter of whom were still unrelenting in the decision.

Misery later had this to say on his Facebook page:


Denmark Rasmus "MiSeRy-" Filipsen

"Boycotting SMM, not going to play from loser bracket.. what happened today was beyond stupidity. Worthless tournament, worthless organizers. GL next year SMM."

The drama continues. As we usher the third and final day of SMM, one can only hope the organisers do not carry on the mistakes of the first and second - for everyone's sake.

GosuGamers - MitH vs EG replay


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