SK edge out TeamShakira in DHW third place decider

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten at 26 November 2011 15:12

SK Gaming are the victors of the third place decider at Corsair Vengeance. The Danes overcame TeamShakira from France, who they previously lost to in the group stage.

Despite fielding a very aggessive lineup, the first game started out very slowly with not much action occurring. SK had prior to the encounter secured the services of Lion, Shadow Shaman and Tidehunter in the draft, wheras Link was given a Drow Ranger to carry. The first 15 minutes were spent playing passively however, until the time where all heroes learned enough to activate their ultimate spells.

Ever since then, SK seemed eager to engage in fights due to the high amount of burst damage, in order to draw attention away from Link, who tried his best to benefit even more from the good start, that the Danish-trilane had secured early on.

Within a very short time-frame SK had pulled ahead by a huge amount of gold, while TeamShakira remained unable to catch up, despite playing well during the first 15 minutes.

Going into the second game, SK went with a Witch Doctor, Windrunner and Anti-Mage trilane, who due to their high range allowed them to outharrass and outfarm the Frenchmen who put up EarthShaker, Crystal Maiden and Faceless Void.

Bottom lane did not work out better for TeamShakira either, whose Enigma turned out to be chanceless against Angel's Venomancer, who quickly achieved solo-kills and destroyed the opponents tower.

As a result of the bad early game, SK had no trouble expanding map-control, farm and kill-difference, whilst having carry player Link secure that the farm-race would not be lost against Faceless Void, should the game not finish after the mid-phase.

We got a hold of Martin 'Angel' Olsen shortly after SK Gaming secured third place at DreamHack

The Danes therefore cash-in converted $2200 prize money, whereas TeamShakira, who after having played a strong group stage could not follow up, take converted $1500 and the fourth place.


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