Techies Challenge - Beta Key Winners

Posted by Brett "Brettis" C at 26 September 2011 10:26
After 4 days of entries, the contest to see who can last hit their way to a beta key was a great success, getting a lot of attention from the community.

As we congratulate the winners of the contest, we should also commend the people who didn't finish in the top 3, because without all of you there wouldn't have even been a competition in the first place.

Congratulations to these individuals, who have successfully placed in the top 3 securing themselves a DotA2 beta key. You will receive the keys in an inbox PM from a GosuCrew member soon.

Techies Last Hit Challenge Winners
PlacingWinning UserReplayScore
First placeSweden denivaReplay 103
Second placeArgentina -ddx Replay 100
Third placeEurope booed Replay 99
Third placeGreece just)killer Replay 99
Third placeSouth Africa waz_mac Replay 99
Third placeRussia Trusteg Replay 99

**All entries after 00:00 CET 26th September are invalid in regards to the rules and regulations.


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